Dumb College Kid

In 1994 my company got a bid to do a job in my home town.I had the foreman's job on my crew and got to town a week ahead of the others.My wife was happy to be in the area as her parents only lived about twenty miles away.I hadn't been there in quite awhile and was surprised at some of the changes.In driving through the old downtown area one morning I was amazed to see Petri's Cafe still in business.This is an old fashioned diner and they served up some fine food.I circled the block and headed over ,thinking surely that old man Petri couldn't be running the place.Going in Larry Petri was behind the counter and I assumed he had taken over from his father.We recognized one another and shook hands.Larry said hold on a minute and went to the back.He came back with his father who at 81 was still running the place.We had a nice reunion and I had to go telling them I would certainly be back.As the job progressed our crew ate a lot of breakfasts and lunches there and all the guys got to looking forward to Wednesday as that was fried chicken day.You got three pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes,a vegetable and two slices of bread for five bucks.One of us would go the cafe and pick up all the lunches.Sometimes a guy would have to pay for everyone and collect later but we always got it straightened out by the end of the day.As summer time came around the company sent me a kid who had just graduated college to break him in.Nice kid but of course he didn't have a clue.A real eager beaver he was into everything.Of course being the veterans we were we would do things to **** with his mind.A piece of metal was heated and allowed to cool enough to look normal and someone would ask the kid for it.YEOW!He got imaginary phone calls from the office and since he was my assistant every ****** job I could duck.

One Wednesday as we were getting up our chicken order I decided to really **** with the kid.I ran him out of my office on an imaginary errand and called Petri's.Larry answered.Larry I said I got the lunch order and I need you to do me a favor.I told Larry I was sending the kid to pick up the order and he would have some special instructions and would he play along.Sure what's the plan.I told Larry I was going to give the kid my company credit card to pay for lunch.He was to reject it and confiscate it.The fun was about to begin.

The kid came back into the office apologizing for being gone so long but he just could not locate the framistan joint i told him to find.Rolling my eyes I then told him he had been selected to pick up lunch that day and I was giving him my credit card to pay.The poor bastard didn't even suspect a plot.I gave him the key to my truck and sent him out.I got most of the guys together and told them we were going to be eating late that day and why.I also told my coordinator he had better leave in about fifteen minutes to rescue the kid.

This is how the scene was later described to me.The kid went in the diner and said hi Mr.Petri (he called everybody Mr.) I came for our lunches.Mr. traveler said I was to use this credit card.Okay it's $86.27.Hey wait a minute where did you get that card.Mr. traveler my boss gave it to me.No way son I've known him a lot of years he wouldn't do that.Yessir he did honest.Larry call the credit card company this kid's got travelers card the one that was cancelled.Everyone in the place was now staring at the kid. Larry called me instead and pretended to hold a conversation.I told him the coordinator was on the way to fix things up.The coordinator went in and went right up to the kid saying well what's the hold up with our lunch.They said the credit card is no good.The coordinator just shook his head paid Larry and took the lunches.He looked at the kid and said try not to wreck the truck on the way back.Apparently the light was then finally seen.The kid figured out he'd been had.He came back sat and ate with us even joining in the laughs.One more thing as a final punishment he had to go back and get my card and face the Petri's. 

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Jan 26, 2007