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Played ***** Poker With Wife And Friends

When I was about 25, my wife had befriended a young couple living a couple of doors away. The girl was really hot, and I wanted to see what she would look like naked. So one Friday night, we invited them over for drinks, and a card night. At first we just chatted and played normally, until everybody got a little drunk. Then I suggested we play poker for money. They said they hadn't brought any money (I knew that!), so I suggested we play ***** poker. They all agreed, and so weturned all the lights off, and lit a single candle on the table while we played. I cheated outrageously to get my wife and her new friend naked as quickly as possible. The rules wer that once you were naked, you had to stay that way until the game was over, and the lights came on once it was down to two people. So I spent most of the night perving on my wife's new friend! By the end, she and my wife were so drunk they could hardly stand up. The friend asked who would help her put her clothes back on. Her husband was passed out by now, and wife couldn't help either, so guess who volunteered to help the damsel in distress? The best part was helping her put her panties on. She layed down on a bean bag, and I positioned myself between her legs, and slowly pulled them up, all the while I had a spectacular view of her *****. Of course once I had her panties up around her bum I had to do lots of adjusting to get them right, and couldn't help but have a little feel of her as well. I had just as much fun with her bra. I don't know how much of that night she remembered, but they never came over for drinks again hee hee
a16021980 a16021980 51-55, M 3 Responses Apr 15, 2012

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Bad bad man!! And a lucky sod :)

that funny....

After you had touched her *****, did you need to jerk off?

I surely had a throbbing **** ha ha! After they went home I joined my wide in bed. She was still wasted, so I rolled her over, spooned her, and buried it deep inside her. Thinking about her friend's body the whole time. I think this was when we actually conceived our first child. If only she knew.........