A Game With Friends

When I was in my last year of college, a female with whom I worked in a department store, invited me, another male friend and another female co-worker to her sister's apartment for a game of poker. We all arrived on the designated afternoon and talked for a little while before we sat down to play.

As we got to the table, the other male asked if we were going to play with poker chips because he didn't have any money! Our host, who had things planned all the way,said she didn't have any chips or money, so we would have to play for clothing! Other than the host, we all got a little nervous, but agreed to play!

We had a little conversation about what "counted" as clothing. After some discussion--and trying to be polite--we let the host make up the rules. She decided that any "pair of items" like shoes or socks, only counted as one item but jewelry, which the girls certainly had more of (especially since I had none), would count. The other rule, seemingly aimed at me, was that no one could go back to put anything more back on!as a polite guest, I had left my shoes at the door while the others kept theirs on!

Having the least to count, the game didn't start too well for me! I lost the first two hands and immediately had to remove socks and shirt! Two games in and I only had two items left! Fortunately, the next hands weren't good, but I didn't lose either! The host hadn't lost yet; the other guy matched me, and the other girl had given up some jewelry and her socks!

The next hand didn't go well and I was now down to my briefs! I had never before been this close to being naked with someone outside my family or in a locker room, so my private parts were a little excited! Again, I was able to stay alive for two more hands as the guy and other girl both lost. Both guys were now down to underwear while the host had lost nothing and the other had lost her blouse!

The next hand was devastating! I lost and was now forced to remove my last garment! With a penis that was very tense, I slipped my briefs off but "stayed under the table." Because they didn't believe I had become naked, the other players made me physically toss my underwear out of the way--or I had to stand up! Since part of me was already standing up, I chose to fling the underwear into the other room! (little did I know that would haunt me later!)

So, I was naked but still required to play! The one girl lost the next hand and was down to her bra and panties! The guy was still in his underwear! The host still had not lost a thing! The girl lost the next hand and was forced to choose--give up the bra or take off the panties! She really didn't want to do either, but they used me as an example--and they all made me stand up! Even though I hadn't lost, I was made to show myself for the first time! With a very hard erection, I slowly stood for all to see.

The girl decided to remove her bra! It was the first time I had been near a female who was topless and her large, white breasts were beautiful to me--which made me even more excited and I could feel some dribble off my erection!

At that point in the game, our host looked at the clock! Her sister would be coming back to the apartment soon and we needed to quit! Before we could close, however, we each had to "show" how we finished! The host, of course, had lost nothing and was very proud of it! The other guy still had his underwear, so he stood up to show off! The girl was reluctant, but because she still had panties, she quickly stood with her arms over her breasts! I had to stand once again, with my privates still at attention! Now we could get dressed and get out of the place!

But wait--I couldn't find the briefs I had flung in the other room! As the others dressed, I had to search the room--while I was still naked! My friends all watched and laughed as I gave them a show! My penis was bobbing up and down as I searched the whole room! Finally, I was able to find them under a chair--they must have slid across and under as I tossed them! I quickly slid them over my hard member and slipped the rest of my clothes on!

That was my first game of ***** poker! Pretty memorable experience--and one I thoroughly enjoyed!
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

congratulations on losing - look forward to hearing about the next match in the series.

I wish there had been a next match--I have always wanted to be in another ***** poker game since but haven't been able to play!

Sounds like it was a lot of FUN!!!!!!

It actually was a lot of fun; it just ended way too soon!