Wild Night For The Wife And I

About 7 years ago my wife Lisa, my friend Keith and his wife Jill and I played a wild game of ***** poker. The rules were basically the same a regular poker except the person who won the pot was allowed to choose a person to remove an item of clothing. In addition, we agreed that if one of us became nude the game would keep going and instead of removing clothes, they would have to perform a dare when chosen.
The four of us were over at Keith and Jill’s house and I was making pitchers of very strong margaritas. We were all very loose when we started the game. At the time of this game Keith had never seen my wife nude. On the other hand, I had dated Jill in college so I have seen her naked many times and ****** her about as often. In addition, I have always been voyeuristic and often have fantasies about watching Lisa have sex. So Lisa was in trouble from the start. If Keith or I won, we would both choose Lisa to remove clothes. I remember the first time she had to show serious skin. She was in her panties with a shirt on. The bra was already gone underneath. When Keith won he was staring intently at her, asking for another item of clothes. Lisa took her top off smiling at him the whole time. Lisa was staring right back at Keith and her **** naturally went below the table. I was looking at Lisa the whole time, not paying attention to any of the other players. Keith must have had a disappointed look on his face because Lisa arched her back and her nipples were again above the table. She never looked at me the whole time and it was probably the sexiest scene I had ever seen. Lisa was clearly showing herself to another man. I was very proud of the way she revealed herself to him. It was not long before the four of us were all nude and we were playing for dares. Most of the dares were very tame but I took the first opportunity to dare Lisa to play the rest of the game from Keith’s lap. I knew she would have to put her bare ***** on his leg and she would be sitting right next to his totally hard ****. She went right over and sat on his leg. Keith put his cards down and put his hands on her hips. I remember Jill saying she was starting to feel left out. That was when Keith started to dare Jill to do me favors. I got a very nice lap dance from Jill and Lisa had me serving her drinks and cater to whatever Jill wanted the rest of the evening which was mostly just backrubs, or short dances. At some point during the card playing and conversation Keith started playing the game by looking at his cards and then placing them on the table freeing up both his hands to feel up Lisa’s ****. I was sort of surprised that she did not stop him at all in fact she was flirty and letting him stretch her nipples and leaning back into him while he did it. It was definitely getting interesting. At one point Keith lifted her up off his leg to show us how wet his leg was from her ***** juice. Lisa just laughed it off and filled her cup with another drink. When she sat back down on Keith’s lap she swung her leg over both his legs so she was now straddling his legs with her back to his chest. She was also wiggling her ***, pinning his **** between her back and his chest. I think Keith was going nuts because every time Lisa sat up a bit to get another card he kept trying to position his **** to enter her. Lisa was definitely playing a side game with Keith, she was giving him plenty of opportunities for him to try and get his **** positioned under her ***** but not letting him enter her. It was very seductive to watch Lisa tease Keith with her bare *****. I was sitting directly across from Lisa so I saw Keith’s face each time Lisa moved and his **** missed the mark. Lisa was smiling at me knowing full well it was turning me on too. I remember Lisa won a hand and dared me to stroke my **** in front of Jill. I was standing right in front of Jill slowly stroking my ****, Jill was smiling enjoying the show and Lisa was rubbing her *** up and down Keith’s **** watching me. I looked at Lisa and she was staring back at me while I stroked my hard **** and then she just froze could tell Keith had just positioned the head of his **** right at the mouth of her *****. He moved his hands from the base of his **** to her waist, pushing his **** up and pressing her down. The look on Lisa’s face was a mixture of surprise and lust while Keith slowly slid his **** into her. Lisa stated rocking again only this time she was ******* him. I have to admit I started jacking off for real at that point. Lisa soon took over and was just flat out ******* Keith. I told Jill I was going to come and she leaned forward and started sucking my ****. It was not long and I was shooting a load in Jill’s mouth. It didn’t take a very long after I blew my load and Keith was filling Lisa’s *****. After the Girls took a break to clean up we asked them to dance nude for us and then we split up into different rooms to **** our wives before go to bed. I remember it being some of the best sex I have ever had. Afterward Lisa asking me if it bothered me that she let Keith play with her. I told her it was the hottest thing I ever saw. She said she thought I would say that and she was a lot more worried about what Jill was thinking. She told me Keith spent a lot of time trying to get his **** up her ***. I was surprised by this, and very aroused. It sort of made sense though because I had told Keith that Lisa and I did that often and he said I was lucky because Jill was not into anal sex. Lisa said she was going to let him put it in but there was not enough lubrication to make it happen. She was trying to slide her ***** over his **** to get it wet, and that was when Keith jammed his **** up her *****. I told her I would love to get her on video getting ****** in the ***. Lisa just kissed me and said “I bet you would”
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awesome story

Damn! This is a hot story!!! You have to know that when couples agree in the card games good things are gonna *** especially when "dare" rule is part of the game! Great story with sexy details! Thanks for sharing :-) dc

great! you guys really rock. I hope you got together many more times

That is a very hot story, I wonder how I can get a sexy game like that going with my wife. Thanks for sharring your wonderful night

Lisa sounds like a very hot wife, one who likes to play and get a rise out of those around her. Jill must be fun as well. Have their been any repeats of the evening or similar?