***** Poker With The Wife, Her Sister, And Her Aunt

This happened many years ago. The wife and I had been married only about a year. Her sister was about 18, and her red-head Aunt was about 20. The Aunt was actually younger than my wife by about 6 months. They had come to visit for the night at our house that we had just moved into. They both know that they would be able to get away with things they normally won't be able to do. We all had a little alcohol to drink, and the girls sat around talking while I watched TV.
I wasn't paying much attention to them and what they were talking and giggling about. The wife come to the living room where I was , and said that the three of them wanted to know if I would play ***** poker with them. Being 21, of coarse I would play ***** poker with them, if they were not going to back out at the last minute, because they had to remove their underwear.
She said that they had all ready agreed to that. I went and got the cards while my wife cleaned off the coffee table in the livingroom. We sat around the coffee table on the carpet, so we were all pretty visible to each other. My wife was 5'4", 115#'s, her sister about 5'2", 95#'s, and the Aunt was 5'2' about 115#'s and was a pretty red head.
I lost the first hand, off with the shirt, as shoes and socks didn't count as clothes. My sister-in-law lost the next hand, and removed her bra. Then that Aunt lost the next 2 hands, revealing a very yummy pair of *******, even though she still hsd on her bra.
This went on for about an hour, and to my surprise. all three of them ******** completely naked. I had lost all my clothes about 3 hands ago.
I was now sporting a hard on to be proud of! Here was 3 beautiful women stark naked, and me, Heaven!
It wasn't long before I reached over and gave the wife a deep kiss on the mouth, and started feeling her ****. She in turn started feeling and stroking my 7-1/2' thick ****. Her sister and Aunt couldn't take thier eyes off what was happening. Her sister asked me if it was ok for her and their Aunt to feel it also. I told her to ask her sister if it was ok. To my surprise, my wife said they could. They all 3 felt and stroked my hard on for several minutes.
I soon needed relief, and stuck 2 fingers in my wifes steamy ****, and began to finger **** her. She soon had my **** in her mouth sucking a way.
Her sister and aunt, were both hot, as their nipples were hard and both of their *****'s were wet.
I could stand no more, and rolled my wife on her backand buried my **** in her in one thrust. I ****** her hard and fast for about 10 minutes, bringing her to ****** twice, before I shot a huge load deep in her *****. My wifes sister and aunt stared in disbelif at what they had just wittnessed. I pulled my smei erect **** out of my wifes soaked *****, and rolled onto my back, both of our pubic hairs wet with both of our ***.
My wifes aunt soon was feeling my **** again while it was still covered in ***. My **** soon was at full mast again, and auntie had it in her mouth. My sister -in-law was fingering herself fanticly as was her aunt. They both *** at nearly the same time. Auntie now was bobbing her head up and down the lenght of my shaft, and I soon exploded with my 2nd load of the night in her mouth. She tried to swallow, but much of my load ran out and was dripping from her chin.
We were never able to repeat that night, and I never got to see thier Aunt naked again. The sister-in-law, oh yeah. It's anight I will always remember.
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Totally made up.

nice story...loved that and made me wet too...

<p>"It's a night I will always remember"<br />
I'll say! <br />
Great experience!</P>

Mmm it would have been an even better night if you had gotten to **** all three of those sexy women.

Mmm love to read the story about her

great story

great story!

Lucky u! memorable night!

Nice story...we loved reading it...

wow what a blast

It's those one time things. Great story, what a blast.