Surprise Game Three

After the usual poker game with my wifes parents, her brother and sister in law, and aunt and uncle everyone had lost all their clothes except her father who had his boxers left. Her mother suggests as a new twist that she shuts out the lights eveyone remains naked and we crawl around in the dark until we find a partner and then we can either have sex with them, grope them, play with them etc. This way nobody knows who they are with. After 30 minutes she will put the lights on and everyone can see who they were with. When she put the lights on it turned out my wife had sex with her father, I did my sister in law, my mother in law did her brother in law and my brother in law did his aunt. Everyone sat around naked the rest of the evening partying. After this experience the thought  crossed my wifes mind to swap partners with her mother for a night which came to fruition, Will write about that in a future story.
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7 Responses Dec 10, 2012

What a lie.

that's an extremely disturbing story

Sounds like a fun family.

After reading all the stories, this proves that a family that plays together stays together

Sounds like a really happy family

That is awesome!

Amazing series of poker stories!