Not really sure how "public" this was... But last weekend, I was out on the lake laying out on the back of the boat and I was so turned on. I saw an attractive man fishing on the bank and thought I'd entertain him since I had noticed him watching me. I was wearing a bikini so I untied the sides and slid my hands in. The man noticed me and I could tell the he was excited by the look on his face. I was pretty close to the bank so he had a good view. I played and began to moan, loud enough for him to hear me. I looked over, and to my excitement, he was stroking himself. I loved the view, so I watched him as he watched me. I knew we were both getting close by the speed on witch he was stroking. I saw him start to climax and that was all I needed. I squirt so I made such a mess for him. He tipped his hat to thank me as I slid into the to clean off. I flashed him a smile and my chest when I got back on the boat and headed down the lake...
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lucky bastard!! id love to do that in public with you!!!

that's so great if you can both keep the perspective that its just a nice thing to do and that's all there is to it.

You're so hot and naughty, the fisherman will remember you his whole life and I'm sure he will ********** several mire tines remembering your show.

That's a fantastic public exposure time! Very hot!

you are the greatest tease...

Wow extremely hot !! Love your profile and stories, hopefully we can be friends :)

I jacked off in class, once, when I was in the fourth grade.

Your lucky to be a woman, so hard for a guy to find a willing person to jerk off in front of.

I would welcome it! I'm a woman and I still don't understand the mindset of most women! Lol

Yep, we should all wear a scarlet "S" if we like sex, then it would take all the guys work out of it. I have had woman tell me about guys they date my age that have no interest in sex.

I love women who can squirt! It is so sexy! do you have any pics of you doing it?

Lucky guy

I love getting off in public places! One of my fantasies is my car in a crowded parking lot

I like it when I know for sure someone is watching me

That's one of those situations where it is best to be a woman. As a guy I am more likely to have charges pressed if someone sees me :)

I can't seem to remember why i gave up fishing...

A fantasy was completed that day for him! Wish I could of seen :)

do you like to wear nighties

Yes, I'm always in lingerie. I wear it under my clothes during the day too

sexy makes me want to do what he did

It was so erotic and fun. I rush every lake day was like that!