My story is below, pls write one of your stories. They get me soooo turned on
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I was traveling for work last weekend and it was an overnight bus. It was around 12:00 PM and out of 15 or so people on the bus, I was the only one awake. It was quiet cold and dark on the bus and I was all the way in the back. 3 hours into the ride and it was already unpleasant. Luckily I brought a blanket to keep me warm, I take out the blanket and lay it across me in hopes to once again fall asleep. Of course I could not do so because of the constant bumps the vehicle is going over due to extensive construction in the area. My vaginal area is of course extremely sensitive and well... Soon enough I was wet.

Being alone in a two-seater in the back I position myself comfortable with my legs open beneath the blanket. I used my thumb and index finger to squeeze and twist my **** and both the vagina lips some time smoothly and sometime with mild force. I enjoyed that act and kept my eyes closed. As my hand work changed rythm and speed I wanted to scream out in sensual pleasure but remained silent and slid a bit forward to enable my finger to dig in to my pulsating and wet vagina. I increased the speed I lifted my knees and parted them in utter pleasure. At this moment my pleasurable finger work becme more forcefull. I started shivering and I was fully ready to ***.

I kept pumping her fingers in and out and soon with each outward stroke I would squirt. Almost hitting the seat in front of me I moaned in pleasure.It splashed off my hand with such force that it started spraying my shaking legs and beyond. It was an incredible feeling. I Readjust myself upright in the seat and begin issuing the dry side of my blanket to soak up the reminisce of my ******.