Pmdd And Menopause A Definite Roller Coaster Ride.

Where do I begin....
I have been battling with PMDD for 21 years. It started when I was 15. When I was a teenager PMDD wasn't really understood and very unknown. My parents thought I was being an overly moody teenager and told me it was in my head. I would go through these psyhcotic mood swings and I did not understand why. At the age of 21; I finally found someone who would listen to me. The doctor I talked to immediately ran tests and diagnosed me with PMDD. I was put on birth control and at the time prozac. (I hated prozac) The doctor ended up putting me on Lexapro. It immediately took the edge off the worst of my symptoms. I decided to have kids and came off treatment temporarily. During the last term of my second pregnancy; I was diagnosed perimenopausal. I had my tubes tied and decided to come off birth control. I discovered at that point that I had adnomyosis and polyps
. The only cure for either of these is a hysterectomy. That has been done. Now at 36 I am battling full blown menopause and PMDD together. I have been advised by multiple doctors that the PMDD will never go away. The roller coaster ride of hot flashes and extreme mood swings have been rough. I am still learning how to manage the 2 together.
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When during pmdd cycle do you feel all the negative thoughts are real? Like that is the absolute truth and everyday life is the fantasy?

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Hormone related psychosis - this is what I believe I have. I've been diagnosed with PMDD, but, the severity of my symptoms is frightening. I'm 44 and I'm experiencing some symptoms of perimenopause. I don't know what to do. Ovulation is the worst time for me. I'm psychotic.

I cannot even imagine how horrible this must be for you! My grandmother and aunt (two different sides of the family), both had hysterectomies in their mid-late 30's because of hormone-related psychosis. They both felt immediate relief and felt like "new women." My mother says her PMDD went away completely after menopause. With how much I've already suffered over the past 21 years with it, I would be crazy to not consider a hysterectomy; however, I'm just not ready to say goodbye to the possibilty of motherhood (I have two children, but always wanted 3).