Anyone Else?

I've noticed that my handwriting becomes sloppy, typing becomes clumsy, I can't put makeup on well to save my life. I've noticed this happens monthly. I just had a crying episode because I can't get my eyeliner on right. And I've had a theory for awhile about my handwriting, I went through my class notes, I date them and there's a significant difference between normal weeks and "**** weeks" (what I've come to call them, because I just feel like **** using all this energy combating my symptoms). Funny story to share since I'm on here, I've been really angry with my mom the past few days and we haven't been getting along due to this. Why am I so mad you may ask? I bought my family Christmas gifts 2 weeks ago, supposed to be a surprise, but I was gonna decorate new Christmas stockings for my family. I get home and she already has new ones hanging up that she bought last year as a surprise for us this year. I've been so upset, I know it's sooooooo stupid and irrational, but I still can't help feeling like this. I'm trying so hard, I really am, but I just wanna crawl in a hole in my room and just stay there til my period gets here. ughh. Sorry for the story, but I had to tell someone and I know my friends are soo tired of it. bleghh. Guess I'll go, but I really am curious if loss of fine motor skills(lawl, exaggeration) is part of it or I'm just crazy?
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I seriously tell people "my handwriting changes" because I too have noticed I can never keep it consistent. I used to just think there was a section in my brain that wouldn't develop as far as having "my own" signature and the such, but you are probably onto something here. I feel like keeping a journal will be a decent idea. Hopefully you're doing okay now after your dilemma with your mom, it happens regularly to me, as well. It is def "sooooooo stupid", i like that word choice. I feel your pain though..hang in there <3