Pmdd And Disability Benefits

Hi. I have PMDD and I was wondering if it is possible to receive disability benefits? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
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Somewhere I think I read that if you have representation that social security will automatically cut them a percentage of the money that is due to you. This next paragraph is from a social security brochure that was mailed with my denial of benefits letter: <br />
<br />
Your right to representation<br />
<br />
You may choose to have someone help you with your appeal or to represent you. Your representative may be a lawyer or other qualified person familiar with you and the Social Security program. We will work with your representative just as we would work with you. He or she can act for you in most Social Security matters and will receive a copy of any decisions we make about your claim.<br />
<br />
Your representative cannot charge or collect a fee from you without first getting written approval from us. If you want more information about having a representative, contact us and request publication, Your Right To Representation (Publication No. 05-10075), which is also available online at our website,

Thank you for taking the time to share. I will definitely visit that website and go from there.

It is possible to get disability benefits for many different kinds of physical and psychological disabilities, but it's easier for some disabilities than it is for others. One of the first things to check is to make sure that your doctor has EXCELLENT documentation of your PMDD and how serious it is...not all doctors are meticulous when it comes to documentation and this is a common obstacle to getting SSDI benefits. Secondly, this doesn't happen to everyone who applies for disability benefits, but it is possible that you might get turned down the first time. My aunt had LUNG CANCER and got turned down the first time for SSDI! You can always appeal the decision so that is the good news; a lot of people choose to get an attorney at this point. Some attorneys specialize in SSDI law and will do a free consultation or will take the case on free and take their cut after they win the case. If you go that route, just be careful and understand how much of a cut the attorney is going to take. <br />
<br />
I know that SSDI benefits have been awarded to individuals with bipolar depression, intractable major depression, and other mental health disorders. I don't know of anyone personally who is on SSDI for a mental disorder, but have heard of some of my friends' family members who are on it for reasons other than physical illness. I would encourage you to first go to the website and use the calculator to see if you first could qualify for benefits...I think it also gives you a rough idea of how much you qualify for. The forms you need are also on the site; you fill out some and there are some that your doctor has to fill out. The time for the Social Security office to review your claim varies, but generally takes place within 90 days from what I understand. Hopefully this helps.