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let me start by saying i need help and truly believe advice from someone who has been through it is better than doctors. i don't really think the medical community knows much about this disorder. i started having pmdd after the birth of my second child at age 36. i have never had any problems in the past with mental health. i first started with calcium and vitamin d, which did nothing. i have tried magnesium, all kinds of b-vitamins, and chaste berry. Nothing works. i finally went to a doctor, who told me to pick a birth control pill. tried both ortho tricylen and yaz.
let me just say that i've had trouble with weight gain and birth control pills since starting them in my early 20's. but i felt so bad, i agreed to the pills. i still had pmdd issues during the placebo pills. then i decided to try prozac. didn't work. then i tried wellbutrin. doesn't do much either. yes, i have tried changing my diet and losing weight. i tried over the counter progesterone cream. i did see some effect there, but nothing seemed to help the 3 days prior to my period.
right now i'm trying the mini pill and hoping this works (on day 2). if it doesn't, i believe i'm headed for a hysterectomy. both my husband and i both feel this is a hormonal issue. i feel great and normal the first 3 wks of the month. then i turn into a crazy person. i feel keyed up like i've taken some crazy caffeine, diet pills. i have a very short fuse, and then feel pretty guilty about how i've acted. now, was wondering if anyone has tried the mini-pill and had good success? was also wondering if anyone just did xanax the days prior to their cycle and had good success? we are only talking about 4 to 5 days a month here. if anyone thinks i belong seeing a doctor again, i understand that. but i just don't know who to see here. a psychiatrist? an ob/gyn? a PCP? thanks for any help you can give.
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I also have this condition and have not been medically treated and have tried numerous natural things. concerns about going to a doctor and being put on synthetic medications and am considering a partial hysterectomy with this disorder 2 weeks out of the month I'm 42 I've been suffering with this since the age of 37 and it has progressively gotten worse. one of my clients is a nurse and she suggested that I research a drug called gabapentin although I don't know much about this I will do the research I'm just not a fan of being crazy willing to try medication concerned about side effects the other problem I have with the PM DD disorder is being ill a week or so out of the month I get a fever cold and flu symptoms and has been affecting my life greatly

Boy can I relate to you! Sadly I don't have much advice for you, except that you are not alone. Nothing has seemed to help me either! I KNOW it is hormonal because I get insomnia and hot flashes during those few days. I totally get feeling like a crazy woman. Hang in there, we are all in this together!

I can completely understand how you feel....I've suffered from PMS since I was a teenager and after I gave birth to my son at 32 it became much worse (while I was pregnant and breastfeeding I was the happiest woman and never had a symptom...)it was when I stopped breastfeeding and my menstruation came back that the condition got worse. The first two weeks of my cycle I am happy, relax..and after ovulating I become someone different...sad, anxious, moody, depressed...This has affected many of my relationships to the point that it was a big factor in my divorce three years ago. This is a very serious and difficult condition and not everyone understands. I agree when you say that the medical community doesn' t know much about PMDD...To me it has been very frustrating...The only hope I've got from a doctor was when one of them told me that women who have PMS have much less symptoms at menopause when compared to those who've never had it. But in the meantime, I'm gonna tell what has worked for me. I've done a lot of research on my own and read many books and articles on the subject and tried many different things. Of all the treatments I've tried, Zoloft did it. I used to take them only half a month (after ovulating) and I improved a lot..Then I started to take them the whole month but at a lower dose and it was even better. I went practically symptom free...:) The only side effect that concerned me was that it lowered my sex drive. It didn;t bothered me the first years after the divorce because I was alone, but when I met my boyfriend this last year I decided to research again. Then I read about a herbal supplement (ST. John's Worth) that doesn' affect the sex drive and I started using it with great results. It is as good as Zoloft. The other thing that works for me is exercise (but I'm not that consistent...). I did my research and it happens that woman athletes rarely have PMS, and if they do their symptoms are very low. I suspect that if I could exercise everyday, probably I wouldn't have to take any medicine or supplement. And the other thing that worked for me is Xanax. Since my worse symptom is helps to immediately control it when I've failed being consistent taking the medication. I use it only once in a while and at a very low dose since it creates dependency. Of course, you should consult with your doctor the dose and possible interactions before trying any new medication or supplement. I hope this information helps you find what works best for you. Thank you for sharing your is not an easy subject to share and it helps to do it with those who can really understand. I wish you the best. :)

PD. I completely agree that it a hormonal issue and not a psychological one, even though it affects our emotions...

I am going through a horrible situation right now. My wife kicked me out of the house (she says I left) and this time isn't wanting me back and it is almost time for her next 'episode'. She always brought me home in a day or two before. A lot went crazy this last time with me telling her I was going to fight for custody and so forth. But she blames ME for ALL of it. I want to fight for my marriage but she is distancing herselffrom everyone. She keeps telling me she "needs time" and all that stuff. Her emotions seem all over and this time she really isn't trying to bring me back. It is like pulling teeth to get her to say "I love you" to me. She just keeps saying she needs time, she "needs to go talk to someone about how I have hurt HER"???? I believe somewhat that she is a basket case inside and is all messed up but won't admit it. I am positive she has pmdd and/or some other disorder that exacerbates her cycle. How is she being so strong this time? This is killing myself and our 5 year old son. When I try to talk to her it is almost like she can't stand focusing a thought on it. I don't want to be a fool and believe her hormones are causing all this and that she really does love me. i am afraid she has just stopped. She always came after me before but this time it as though she has no more love for me. I need to know if there will be more times that she reaches out to me. I have lost all confidence in that. What if she DOES get her pmdd controlled and then the "real her" doesn't love me at all? Will she reach out again????? i am desperate. i need to speak with someone who has pmdd. Nobody else seems to understand.

Oh boy. Wish this were easier for you all. If it is PMDD she isn't doing any of this to hurt you or your son. With my PMDD it does feel like my husband is hurting me, her feelings are real. Askin her to feel differently is kind of like asking a person with no legs to walk. I find that there are about two days where it kinda has to be all about me. That sounds so so horrible I know. I need to know that my daughter is taken care of properly and happy and that I can take the time to care for myself. Any responsibility can feel so overwhelming. Feeling like we have to take care of our husbands and tell them how to take care of the children feels like climbing Everest and for me I get angry. The guilt is terrible and it makes me harder on my husband. I think all of us who are dealing with this hell need to be in couples counseling. Are you hanging in? I hope so. Hope I haven't over stepped my bounds or hurt any feelings with what I've said. My intentions are good. I know how much families suffer because of this horrible illness ;(

Sometimes xanax can make an emotional person who is on edge even more emotional, like it did for me. Around my period I become so completely depressed that the only thing stopping me from jumping is the though that it will go away in a few days and if I take a xanax, instead of calming down, I seem to forget the only fact that is keeping me grounded and my emotions fly off the handle. It sounds like you are more revved up though, so it might help with that. <br />
Have you heard about gabapentin? Instead of affecting serotonin and maybe dopamine like other SSRI's, gabapentin increases the level of gaba in your brain. It is used to treat a range of things, from hot flashes to epilepsy. It works well with pain, so that will be good if you get severe cramping. You start out with a low dose and keep increasing until you find a dose that is comfortable and treats your symptoms. Side affects are minimal, mostly dizziness in the beginning. I personally think it's really helpful, especially because any other antidepressant I took was too strong, even at extremely low doses. <br />
You should listen to the advice of the commenter above. Having someone to talk to regularly about what a difficult time you are going through is so important. Everyone needs to have someone on their side, to listen and to help. It's so hard to figure this out on your own, especially if the meds aren't working. I bet everyone here has felt helpless because of this. <br />
I hope this helps! I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. Good Luck