Totally Lost!!!

As a child, I was a very funny, social and an extrovert kid. Life was fun & exciting. Got my first period when I was in year 9. My whole life changed from then on. I turned into an introvert teenager who hated making friends or meeting ppl. All I did was went to school and studied at home. Infact, if I would happen to see someone known in the street, I would hide in order that I don't have to greet them!!
Suffered from extreme Migraine for all the years !!! Am 36 now and still suffer from Migriane however off late have realized that I do suffer from PMDD as well since a week prior to my first day am a living hell, edgy, angry, frustrated, tears and what not. A big strain on my relationship with my husband. With time it is getting worse and worse. Today was my first day hence feeling good right now but last one week was a nightmare. Last two days was in excruciating pain due to migraine.It seems as if it was not me but someone else instead of me.
I hate this life !!! I know it will be all good for a while and then will be misery all over again. I feel for my husband who bears my mood swings! We don't talk about it which is the worst part, have no one to share anything with. We live together just for the sake of it. Don't know where to go from here ??
Que123 Que123
May 24, 2012