i've suffered from PMS/PMDD for a good ten years. Recently i decided to make a huge effort in diet to see if I could stop my symptoms of rage, irritability, paranoia, bloating, irrationality etc.

So i've tried things for ages, one month went vegan, didn't really work - however I am still vegan. The next month I quit soya milk - didn't really help. Saw counseller - didn't help, took pills didn't help. Then this month I have quit all sugar/added sugar/sweeteners etc and coffee. My PMDD has subsided SUBSTANTIALLY. no bloating, no rage, slight irritability.

i would recommend it...

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3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

I actually watched this YouTube video yesterday about eating raw foods which apparently should "cure" PMDD. I guess I need to get on it then :|

yeah GIMME someothat too.

Have you tried kick boxing?
You might still be paranoid and bloated, but at least you can get some of that rage out. X