Pmdd Cured!!!

I have never written a blog/review/experience before online, bult I felt I needed to do this! Ok.. Since having my son & being sterilised, my periods had been awful. Every month, about 7-10 days before I'm due on, I have a week of pure HELL. I feel a dip in my mood, so low I feel like topping myself. And then anger that fuels me into a rage at even the slightest thing. The arguments with my husband have put us close to breaking point many times as I seem to think he has it in for me during that week. This was not a case of PMS! After lots of reading online & seeing a doctor, trying YAZ pills, eating all kinds of carbs & exercising etc, I was diagnosed with PMDD. This took control of me for a long time. I got given citalopram anti depressants, which made me feel like death. I also couldn't have an ****** (no matter how hard my husband tried lol). Anyway. There was even talk of a full hysterectomy to try an deal with it, but my new doctor gave me Prozac 20mg. The first week was awful! No sleep, no appatite, feeling strange... Then after a week or so, the side effects started to ware off & I felt normal again. Month 1 was pretty usual with the dreaded week before I was due being stressful. Month 2 I noticed a slight improvement. The doc said I should continue with them. In this time however, I once again couldn't achieve an ******:( I have stuck with the pills... And let me tell you, month 3 was so good I didn't even realise I was due on!!!!!! Amazing! Month 4, and again, absolutely no PMDD symptoms!!!! I have also managed to regain satisfaction in the bedroom (thank god). I am so very glad I stuck with the pills as I haven't felt so good in a very very long time. I recommend to anyone suffering, to try Prozac if it's offered & give it a chance. I know it's only been 4 months, but I actually feel like my life has been changed:) good luck & much love to u all. You are not alone with this monthly nightmare!
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Did you take the Prozac every day? My doctor told me that I could either take the mess every day or the two weeks before my period starts.