Pmdd And Me

Oh my goodness, where shall I start? I've been suffering from PMDD for many years but I've never even heard of PMDD until very recently. I just thought that I PMSed stronger than other women.
When I was a teenager I even tried to commit suicide once and now I know why!

How does it affect me?
It usually starts when I ovulate, and lasts up to three days into my period. Which is roughly two weeks each month!! Each month is a bit different, sometimes I cry a lot, sometimes I'm just extremely angry, I feel alone or I feel like I'm suffocating and don't want anyone near me, I have suicidal thoughts, I feel like harming myself, harming others around me, I feel worthless, I am absolutely nasty, as in verbally abusive to my loved ones, I'm severely depressed and I feel like I'm in some sort of weird film, as in my reality and surroundings seem different. Whatever I feel, it seems extrem. Even though I know that I'm just PMDDing and remind myself that it'll pass and that it isn't really who I am, the feelings don't disappear. I also get extrem backache and tension along the spine and shoulders.

What am I doing about it?
Due to my IBS I can't / shouldn't take any medication or the pill and the herbal stuff i.e. St.John's Wort hasn't worked on me. So I had the Mirena implanted about 4 months ago which is a coil like hormonal implant inside the womb. So far it's been a bit of a hormonal rollercoaster. Before, I could predict when my PMDD would start and end. But because my period lasted for about 2 months at the beginning and is now very irregular, my moods go up and down from being my normal self to being this monster. But I'll have to be patient with it and hopefully it'll start to work properly soon.

Other than that, I wanted to say that it is very important that you're open about what you're going through with your partner and show him or her YouTube videos of other women talking about their experiences with PMDD and share your own research, to create an understanding and to have this extra bit of support that you sometimes need or for them to realise that sometimes it's best to just be left alone.

I'm really happy to have stumbled upon this group and I'm also happy to know that I'm not just a depressed weirdo but that there are actually other people like me out there.
Swissling Swissling
26-30, F
Sep 24, 2012