Hey Everyone :)

Hey everyone, i am new to this site, i have just discovered that i think i have pmdd, alot of the posts on here sound exactly like me. So would love to chat to anyone, is nice to know that im not going crazy and there are other people that are the same as me and its nice to know that what is wrong with me actually has a name.


princesscaz princesscaz
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

I have pmdd also. I feel so crazy sometimes. I also suffer from depression and anxiety, but this is way different. Last week I jumped out of a moving car - and yes, I'm paraplegic. I just lost my best friend, Sylvester the cat, and have twice slept outside near his grave....I live in the woods in CT. My dad has stage 4 lung cancer, I have a stage 4 under-the-tailbone ulcer that won't heal, my mom and her twin (ALL the adults left) are in the ICU with COPD and pneumonia. I am a mess.

Baby I'm so sorry you are going through This. God is by your side let him in. Stay strong