Not Only Monkey Swing Through The Trees

Hello, I'd to share my journey through PMDD. For me, hormones and depression come as a team. Starting with severe cramping during my periods as a young teen. Then came post partum depression with my first two children. The antenatal depression (depression during pregnancy). THose are journies I am glad are behind me. I am 42, and as of last year the PMDD kicked right in. It took me a few cycles of my period to put my finger on the problem. I researched everything I could on PMDD and its symptoms and I had them all. So I tried acupuncture, chinese herbs, supplements and vitamins, antidepressants in the course of the following year. Nothing really helped long term. So now I am at the end of this journey. I am having a total hysterectomy. The dr assured me that the surgery will cure PMDD. I pray that he is right.
mmariona mmariona
41-45, F
Dec 5, 2012