Pmdd Ruins Lives, Seek Knowledge & Seek Help!

I am a 38 yr old wife & mother of 3 beautiful children. I have suffered with pms since my periods began age 16 but as the yrs have gone by my symptoms have gotten worse & was told by my GP at age 28 that it seemed as if I actually have pmdd.

I tried different SSRI's 2 begin with but finally settled on fluoxetine which I have been taking 4 the previous 9 yrs. These initially worked fine but as the yrs went by they seemed 2 become less effective & I developed side-effects such as headaches, dry eyes, swollen glands, low sexual desire. I finally decided 2 wean myself off them last yr & 2 look 4 alternative treatments. My doctor suggested I try the birth control pill but after careful consideration I have decided against it as I do not want 2 put anything else artificial in my body. I have been taking St John's Wort 4 about 3 months now but they don't seem 2 be working & I wondered if anyone knew of anything else that I could try that would be effective? I live a very healthy lifestyle already, I eat well, don't drink alcohol/caffeine, exercise regular but nothing works. I am ruining my life by the lack of control I have 2 wks before my period. I am so hard 2 live with & I display pretty much all of the symptoms of pmdd. Any good advice would be very much appreciated! :-)

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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Unfortunately I am having the same problem. Now I am on 50 mg of zoloft. It is working somewhat but I have only been on it for a couple of weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope you find a solution because like you, I cant deal with it anymore. Plus I have tried birth control and anti depressants. Nothing helped my symptoms. ((Hugs))