My Pmdd Story Help Wanted Please :-))

I have pmdd and have never spoke to anyone else who has it so I thought this may be helpful I used to think I just had pms symptoms like few days before period id be a but grumpy , tearful , irritated etc but I'm now 34 and would say in the last 5 years it gradually got worse I used to have some pmdd free months years ago but not anymore every single month it's here now , I've been on and off fluextine which I was prescribed by my gp first it helped only for 3 months then it stopped i had pmdd while taking it so i thought what the hell I may aswell not take it , as i was putting something artificial in my body and it wasnt helping me ,
infact it has a terrible side effect of completly taking away my libido so I stopped taking it , my libido has fully returned which is good but this month my first month without the fluextine my pmdd has arrived a whole 12 days before my period is due it's usually 7 days before , how am I going to cope 12 days of hell , no motivation , back ache , heavy sore boobs cramping aching all over , crying for no reason , crying for a reason getting irritated with everything and everyone around me somedays just laying on the sofa not wanting to move not even getting in the shower which is sooo not me , not doing any housework which is a problem when im usually a clean freak scared to go shopping as i cant concentrate on what I want and ill probably end up bursting into tears in the supermarket as I have done several times before , not wanting to socialise and I have my little sisters birthday party this coming Saturday I cannot let her down she,s 10 and I've promised her a princess girlie pamper party which I could quite easily do for 2 hours with 15 kids had I not had pmdd I'm such an organised person every other time of the month this ruins my life completely I cannot take birth control as our now 5 year old was conceived by ivf and I've since then had 2 ivf fails for a sibling and may start another treatment so I cannot take any hormone or contraceptives but it's seriously that bad now I'm considering a hysterectomy at 34 and being greatful for the 3 children I have
But what a drastic thing and what a big decision for me to make ,as when I don't have pmdd symptoms I really want another child I need help I don't want antidepressants ive now started starflower oil again as that helped a bit last time please if anyone out there has any suggestions or anyone has this to I'd love to hear from you xx
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I don't know if I would lose my mind and possibly destroy relationships to get pregnant. Long story short, I had PMDD, and was (and I am not exaggerating) homicidal. It would start 10 days before my period and progressively get worse, from depression to homicidal thoughts. Then the period would start, and 15 minutes later I was transported back to my body, fully in control and rational. But then the period would last sometimes two weeks and be very heavy. So if I was lucky, I had maybe 5 "normal" days a month. Now I am on the BC pill (monophase) nonstop, have been for 6 or 7 years, no period and ONE good mood all the time. Women may object to the pill because they are synthetic hormones and "unnatural", but so is a mother/wife that goes bat-**** crazy 10 days of the month. Do what you have to do.

Hi thanks for reply :-) its not that I won't take birth control it's I can't as I suffer with migraine etc if I could take it I would I cannot conceive naturally anyway it's not that I was talKing about being artificial it's the antidepressants that don't even work anyway but yes your right I have to weigh everything up and it's definitly not good for my children for me to be like this 12 days a month luckily I have a very very supportive husband and he has to take over when i cannot function normally I am seriously considering a hysterectomy but just wish there was another way maybe I could talk to my gp and see if there is any bc I could take that's safe for me but I am 35 in July also :-(

There's a lot of different kinds of BC pills out. I would avoid Tri-cyclen types (multi-phase) of pills though. They're different levels of hormones based on the day of the cycle. I would go with one steady dose. I absolutely credit that with the end of my mood swings. I am now the same person, day in and day out. I can understand migraine, because I get them too on occasion. I have never noticed that my pills contribute or exacerbate my headaches in anyway. I get at least one headache every two weeks, and probably 25% of those could be labeled migraine, the other 75% sinus or tension. The warnings for smokers is serious, as are blood clots. Truthfully, this was a birthday gift to myself. I WAS a smoker. I couldn't go on the pill because of the clot warnings. So I quit and promptly went to the doctors to get my Rx. I have had no problems at all in the 6 or 7 years that I have been on them, have not started smoking again and feel great. I also keep my weight down and BMI within the normal range. This keeps my blood pressure low and reduces my chances of clots and stroke. Like I said, you have to do what you have to do. Carefully weigh your options, risks and quality of life.

I will definitly make a docs appointment in the morning I really hope I can have a bc pill i do not smoke and immpretty healthy my bmi is over butbim worjing on that and i do brillilantly on diets until my sympuoms kick in then i just dont care what i eat I'd try anything right now to be honest I'm desperate my symptoms have kicked in today big time I havnt stopped crying and I've spent most of the day laying around on sofa I've felt like pulling my hair out and not as a saying I literally thought about pulling it out when I got irritated I don't know how I'm going to get through til 18th like this that's when my period is due this is my first month without the fluextine i thought it wasn't helping well it must have been to some degree as its never this bad or hasn't been for a long time but I cannot keep taking them I've felt soo much better in myself without them up until now and my libido returned so my husband is happy how can I deprive him of that when he puts up with everything else with me like this I hate this hell :-(((