Pmdd From A Teen's Pov

Recently diagnosed with PMDD and just a freshman in high school. Great, not only do I have to be around people my own age who don't have PMDD, I also have to deal with how malicious they're going to be because they don't understand it. I'm being called an attention ***** in gym. They're saying I was only crying so I wouldn't have to play basketball. No. I was crying because I was IN PAIN. Teens are vicious when it comes to things like this. I have gym today, I honestly don't want to go. Not only for the fact that I have to deal with them, but because of the fact that everything hurts and I just wanna cry and die. I have severe depression. It only gets worse during this time. I've had panic attacks, anxiety, and mood swings endlessly this week. Everything hurts. Nothing helps. They say exercise helps...but it hasn't helped me. It just made it worse.
I have no idea what to do. I feel alone and cast out in my school. I feel like this is some kind of punishment....
anonteen15 anonteen15
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

its not punishment hun we are juss very unlucky ppll :( your lucky uno what is wrong with you at such a young age! i have just found out today!! al my life i thought i was crazy!i remeber when it used to happen to me in school days it was awful! once i was soo happy had a lovely tym out and with a blink of an eye i was in this horrid crazy mood where i felt everyone was agaisnt me i went home sat in a dark room and just layed on the floor thinkng my crazy,,i was bullied in school lost my freinds left school with nothing..i have now found a guy who love me but i have been driving him crazy and have onli found out why today!trust ne your not alone i feel like killing myself as we speak im tired and have had inuf of fyting this "thing!...xx