From Pmdd To Pregnancy! Guy Pov

I asked her for her number on her birthday. (she has a son) I said I wanted to take the both of them out to eat. I have known this girl for years (+15) She was always attractive to me. It started out weird. From me getting her number to her finally willing to give into a date. Something was not right. But we progressed. We started to get madly in love with each other. We'd meet up before she took her kid to daycare for work, just to kiss each other.
About two months into it she said that we were not working out and that she was extremely sorry, not my fault, etc. So I tried to pull the hard to get and just not talk to her. But, for the 15+ years that Ive known her, I would have done anything to date her. So, a week and a half later I sent her a text saying "No". You dont have that option. I told you I was going to take you and your son out for dinner and so far you have not given that to me. She said ok. And that I would have to patient with her. Move slowly...
For the 6 or 7 months that we dated she broke up with me 5 times. On about month 5 she said that maybe she needs some antidepressants. So I looked into it. I was explaining to her what and SSRI was and how it works on the brain. When I saw PMDD in the bottom of the corner. PMDD looked alto well like PMS so I clicked on it thinking what the heck. My Jaw DROPPED! Everything was dead on!
We tried getting her help. She saw my doctor and he said that Prozac would take care of it. Boom she was prescribed to Prozac. It didn't help whatsoever. Her mood continued to worsen. I started looking up treatments and ran into Progesterone creams. Some people said that it worked so I got her some of my cousins progesterone pills to see if it would have any affect on her... OOPS. She laid in bed, crying, for 2 days. I called the doctor told him what I did and he had her come in the next day. They gave her a pregnancy test and she was positive.
She went from believing that she had pmdd to being pregnant and completely writing it off. 5 days after she told me she was pregnant she broke up with me. Not once considering getting back together.
Has any of you ladys experience the PMDD symptoms during pregnancy?
We went from wanting to get married to nothing. And it turned in the course of two days. Like if she was PMSing. There was a month that we were unsure if she was pregnant and she looked at me and told me that she wouldnt mind getting pregnant.
I am crushed. This is so out of left field! She is having the baby at the end up February 2013. I have no clue what to do!!!
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This is just like whats happened to me. In the space of afew days shes changed from wanting to marry me to nothing at all. Im 99.9% sure she suffers with PMDD depression, with claims she wasnt happy. And lost her feelings. My reality is different as i know she was happy and madly in love with me.

How long had she been on prozac when she decided she wanted nothing to do with you? SSRIs have been known to make people behave entirely differently if they are having an adverse reaction. Try looking at the boards at There are a few stories there of people who have suffered through adverse reactions with a loved one.

Hello, Nperks, I am sorry to hear of your troubles. Generally a woman does not experience PMDD during pregnancy. PMDD has to do with ovulation, and a woman does not ovulate during pregnancy. The reactions to the Prozac and progesterone pills, however, are common. There is more information on PMDD at my blog, Living on a Prayer, Living with PMDD, that might be helpful to you.