I Dread Every Months Cycle :(

Every month , about a week before my cycle starts I've already dreaded it's return. I’m 45 and recently in the past year it has gotten worse. I told my OB/GYN last month, how I felt and she prescribed Prozac (10mg in a.m. some days or 20 m.g. other days). She said to begin taking it about 2 weeks before my cycle begins, and then after cycle I can go off it. Have you ever heard of only taking it during the crazy time?
First my brain was excited there was a drug for it, but then my brain got scared of needing a drug to help me “get out of the box” feeling.
How do I know I need something? I get angry, over little things, stuff that usually I don’t get bothered by. I want to leave, where I’d go, I’m not sure. I get scared if you will about leaving my comfort zone, I know I probably should find a job, but I am afraid next month when this “feeling” happens, I won’t want to show up for work. My husband loves & adores me, my kids love me (teenagers), my dogs love me, and I for whatever reason don’t feel like loving anything…
Please tell me this gets better. Isn’t there a hormone balancer that makes this go away??? I’m going to read through more of your blog, maybe something you feel will help me explain what this is that is happening to me every month…
Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!!
Love & Light,

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

Ive got PMDD too. I get violently angry. Im always in a bad mood. I hate the littlest things. BUT theres hope! haha, for me anyway maybe it'll help you too. For the past year my gyno had my suppress my periods, I have them about every 3months. Its truly amazing. Im on the nuvaring. I put it in for 4weeks, at the end of the 4weeks I put a new ring in, when i feel like i should have my period I take it out for a week, then restart the cycle. Antidepressants made me really ill and didnt do much. I am SO much happier now that Ive got things under control. It wasnt even just a week before my period it was all day everyday, no break, always angry. I probably would be in jail if I wasnt suppressing my periods. Ask you doctor what BC would be best for you if you think this could help you. (I sound like that YAZ commercial haha!) But Yaz is suppose to be good for PMDD. I hope you find something that works for you.