Panic Attacks And Pmdd

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I am pretty convinced that I have PMDD. My PMS symptoms have been progressively getting worse and worse to the point where I have had 3 panic attacks in the last week. This is also accompanied by feeling out of control and worthless. I have commenced Zoloft (doc thought it was run of the mill depression/anxiety) and I see that it can sometimes help with PMDD. The reason I think I have PMDD is because I started my cycle today and feel "normal" again. Have other people found Zoloft helps with minimising panic attacks that sometimes come with PMDD? I am a little bit in the dark about the whole thing and am also concerned that it will affect my employment (if this thing keeps happening every month!). Reading other discussion boards I am concerned that I will adapt to Zoloft quickly and it wont help in the long term! Any other words of wisdom on things that might help?

Like many other stories I have seen on these discussion boards, I too have noticed that it is a condition that causes me to push people away. I dont think that telling men that my anxiety and depression is related to the cycle helps as they cannot really empathise.

Although I would not wish this on anyone it is good to know there are others out there who are willing to share both stories and advice.

Thanks for reading :)

needpmddhelp needpmddhelp
22-25, F
Feb 27, 2010