This Sucks

So my PMS is full force today. I yelled at not 1 or 2 but 3 friends. I just want to cover up and go back to bed and its 2 pm .

My back hurts, head hurts i have cramps my legs hurt and my feet hurt. I am COLD.

No matter the medicine that I have taken it doesn't work. My attention span is zilch today and I can't focus. Besides for the hormones I am crying at the littlest thing. And so much seems to have happened in the last 24 hours

I want to just hit the fast forward button and get this done with besides that my weekend is NOW RUINED..
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1 Response Sep 6, 2012

old school try a bath with epson salts may help, while my wife never had thoe issues do toother meidicale resons my second love did and i spent many hours just rubbing her tummy as we watched tv or i combed her hair to make her feel better

Sounds like you are a dying breed of a man.

no just an old one
that was brought up my the mother and the grandparents of the girl i loved from age 12 on
i was taught how to be a male but yet have that soft side too
we married at 13 she was killed at 19 we knew up front we would never have kids i had cancer as a small child and she was born with part of her organs outside her body thathad to be removed but we could have cared less we loved each other

we worked fulkl time full time school and still top of honnor rolld for 4 years one one beat us out and she was part of our group so it was ok