I've never had much of a problem with PMS, with the exception of one particular cycle when I was a teenager that had me in so much pain I slept on the bathroom floor all day. But otherwise, not an issue. However, recently (the last 6 months or so), I've noticed this is no longer the case. My moods haven't been great. I've been more irritable, I snap at my husband and boss (luckily the latter has a thick skin), I feel like the littlest thing makes me want to cry, and I've actually put on weight for the first time in years from the copious amount of various foods (though particularly chocolate) that I'm craving. This cycle is the worst I've had by far. Yesterday, about two hours before I left work a chocolate craving hit me hard. I mostly was able to ignore it by assuring myself that I'd be able to get something on the way to the train station. Unfortunately, I ended up rushing to the train station and didn't have time to grab anything on the way (nor did I have any change to get something at the station), so I stood on the platform, a bit upset, and then I smelt it. The overwhelming fragrance of chocolate. For a minute I thought I was losing my mind, but then I turned my head and saw some gorgeous young thing in the latest designer clobber, ipod touch in one hand and chocolatey goodness in the other. I'm not exaggerating when I say my first instinct was to hit her. Quite a lot of colourful language ran through my head, but I stepped back, leaned back, rather harder than was necessary, onto a plastic advertisement and took a deep breath. That didn’t help, so I turned around to face said advert, took another deep breath and bit the lapel of my coat. At this point I’m quite sure anyone who was paying an ounce of attention to me probably thought I was mad as a hatter. Eventually, I decided the best course of action was to walk further down the platform so that I didn’t have to see (or worse, smell) the offending chocolate. However, as soon as I took a step, the train arrived and the nearest door saw me getting squished right next to Little Miss Prada into a carriage, though thankfully I was able to move further down from her and dove into a book to distract myself (which mercifully worked). That was last night and today I still feel so angry, I want to scream at the girl who sits in front of me at work (mostly because she isn’t actually doing any work), I’ve eaten a whole packet of Cadbury fingers and several Mini Babybel’s and I still feel like throttling someone. Even the prospect of a three day weekend doesn’t help, mostly because my husband agreed we would see some friends tomorrow who are incredibly selfish (so not looking forward to that), and because I’m only getting paid for 2 out of my 8 hours missed on Monday. I need to calm down before I actually say (or do) something I’ll regret, but nothing seems to be working for more than a temporary measure. I’d love some input!
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From one PMSer to another - great story. Sorry to hear about it, as we've all been there (I'm not much of a chocolate eater but set a plate of french fries in front of me and we're gonna have a fight) and I truly feel your pain. I have yet to come up with a solution to keep from crying, violent, crazy freak out moments, so if you hear of anything, please pass the info along. Good luck to you!