I Have Polands Syndrome

So, I am sixteen, seventeen in a few days and I was born with Polands Syndrome. It is horrible, it makes me feel disgusting. I cant be a normal girl because I have something which stops me from being normal. But I have finally got a consultation with a plastic surgeon. I have never been so scared.
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It is normal to feel afraid I also felt like you, but i did not give up I also have PS and recently had my surgery and I am very satisfied with results, good luck and never give up!

I dont know if im getting it now cause the NHS is ****

Oh man! Just keep trying. I wish you the best of luck. :-)

I dont know if im getting it now cause the NHS is ****

Everything will go great no worries. I alsp have ps. Next year I'll hopefully be getting reconstructive surgery. If you need anyone to talk to feel free to message me. :-)

hi I want you to be strong because many of the kids out there can't even get an appointment for reconstructive surgery. Please relax it is overwhelming and stressful....however, Your Dr. will help you a lot. If He/She doesn't find a new one. You can do this. You've been through a lot and now it's your turn !! Go and make the best of it. I'm rooting for you!!!<br />

Hi, I am a freshman going to be a sophmore. I also have Poland Syndrome! Where all are you affected with Poland Syndrome at?