I See Them Looking Out The Corner Of Their Eyes. But I Am Me That's All I Can Be.

Hi im 31 and also have PS. Ive been living with this all my life. I've had eight surgery's on my right hand leaving me with only a thumb and picky. I've had two breast surgerys on the right breast one to stretch the breast cavity and then to put in a implant. I have two wonderful kids and I've also found my soul mate. Although things seem to sound all well inside im dieing.
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Please know that there is support here, and out there for you. You need to count your blessings when things get too hard and seem too much. And please try to find someone( a counselor maybe) that you can vent to, without feeling judged. Best of luck... Feel free to message me:) (29 with ps, married w 2 kids...)