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Hello! I'm a 21 year old female, and I have Poland Syndrome. I hate it. I didn't get diagnosed until I was 14. And before then, I thought I was just developing late, so I would just stuff my bra with toilet paper and it was incredibly uncomfortable, for some reason my nipple was super sensitive, even an accidental smack to it would have me hunched over on the floor grabbing my "boob" haha. Kids actually did notice in middle school and made fun of me, especially when somehow the toilet paper would move out of place, ugh. It took me being really angry one day and I was crying to my dad and pointed to a bikini model in a magazine and said, "why can't I look like her already??". So then I told them exactly what was wrong. So they made an appointment for me to see our family doctor, who then sent me to a pediatric surgeon, who then diagnosed me with Poland Syndrome and then sent me to a Plastic Surgeon. At the age of 14 they put a "temporary" implant in my left breast. Then when I'm older, fully grown, they'll replace the temporary implant with the permanent one. The temporary implant has a marble sized "port" as they called it, so they could add in more saline solution as I grew older. The marble sized port has caused a lot of discomfort. Along with the implant itself. I still haven't gotten the permanent implant, which I was expected to get at 16 or 18, because my parents sucked at taking care of their kids. Honestly, I constantly have chest pain from the implant, all bras are uncomfortable, I can't sleep in any position I want. I have horrible self-esteem issues. At the moment I'm weighing my options. I heard that theres such a thing as fat transfering my own fat into my breast, but I have no idea how that would work for someone with Poland Syndrome. I'm so done having an implant, I almost just want to get it removed completely and deal with it. I hate that everything costs money. I'm sorry if Im incredibly whiny, or discouraging. I know it could be so much worse. But in my opinion, in this day and age, looks definitely matter. Nobody has any compassion and its disgusting. I'm sick of being in pain and having low self esteem. Has anybody got fat transfer? Does anyone else have chest pain from the implant? Has anyone had their muscle taken from their back and moved to the front?
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hey im missing my left mucel, im gonna get surgery aswell, and i dont think u should do the back muscel thing, aparently that makes it look worse and ur bodys already got a problem u dont wana be ripping mucels from ur back lol, i used to have very low self esteem but now im 19 im getting better, u can buy numbing cream from ebay or maybe a chemist or get a prescription, your meant to rub it on the area and then u will not feel the pain and should last long enough to let u go to sleep in the position u want or get pain killers, any way message me if u want, i got it all figured out haha

Hi. I'm 22 and also have Poland syndrome. My parents knew since birth. I'm not sure if your hand has also been affected, but I have a small right hand, which was webbed at birth. When I was 1 I had an operation to separate the webbing. And it wasn't until I was 20 when I had my first operation on my breasts. I chose to do the fat grafting and had a reduction to the other breast. I know exactly of the feeling you experience with low-self esteem. School was tough and I was even tougher on myself. I personally feel the fat grafting is the best option for me, I don't like implants. The biggest issue is that I don't like the thought of a foreign object in my chest for the rest of my life. My surgeon did liposuction on my stomach to use the fat in my breast. I've had a few operations to perfect the shape and size. I also had basically no muscle whatsoever on my affected side. So to get to where I am now is pretty exciting. I suggest if you have at least a shape and muscle on the affected side I recommend fat grafting. Hoped this helped.

Thank you for sharing!! If you dont mind me asking, how much do you weigh and how tall are you? You dont have to tell me. I'm just a really really skinny girl, I weigh 111 at 5'3", and I figured that I probably wouldn't have enough body fat in order to do a fat transfer. I have no muscle on the affected side. How many cup sizes have you gained? Again, you dont have to share. But any information I would be so thankful for! Have a wonderful day(:

I'm 17 and I noticed that my right breast wasn't developing like my left one. So I went through the same routine of switching doctors until a surgeon at Riley's hospital told me that I had Poland syndrome. I was around 14 or 15 during my first appointment with him. At first he was going to do the traditional implant after I was done developing. But I went in for another check up and he suggested a new procedure called fat grafting, or fat transferring. One week ago I got my third surgery and I have about one or two to go. He takes at from my thighs and injects it into my breast. I'm so thankful for this surgeon because it was such a huge self esteem problem. I hated it and I just wanted to look like all my friends. I had to hide it from everyone because I was soooo embarrassed and disgusted every time I looked at myself. I couldn't wear the same cute clothes as everyone else or bathing suits. It definitely caused problems for me emotionally. I'm happy I'm in the process of getting it fixed with my own fat.

Hi!! Thank you so much for sharing! If you dont mind me asking how tall are you and how much do you weigh? I'm really interested in getting a fat transfer but I'm a really tiny girl, 111 pounds at 5'3". Is it a cup size per procedure for you? You dont have to share anything with me that would make you uncomfortable. But any information I would appreciate tremendously! Thank you! Have a wonderful day (:

I am 29 years old and also had surgery when I was 14. I was offered the option of a port, but we went with putting in a slightly larger teardrop shaped implant instead. I was a small b at the time and my other side was barely an a cup. The put in a c cup...And when the time came that my other breast caught up, and got bigger, then I would have another surgery... It hasn't happened yet. The other one reached about the same size, and I never had the second surgery. It has definitely made me more confident but I still do not feel 100%. It looks better, but you can feel the causes some pain sometimes, and I've been to the dr several times because of it... I guess it is normal to have this pain. I also heard of the back muscle transplant, but didn't opt for that because I was told it would leave a dent in the back... anyway, with all that being said, for the most part, I am happy with my results. The doctors I have seen have all said that the dr did "a good job." to be perfectly honest, I have never had any complaints from any men... I am happily married for 9 years and my husband loves both of my breasts... Though I don't have much feeling in my right... I have a saline implant in and have heard it feels more real with a silicone... However I feel more comfortable knowing i have the safer option in, If it were to pop or anything... My breast surgery was mostly covered by insurance, yours should be too, and payment plans should be available to help cover any should look for a doctor that will help you get the insurance to cover it.I have had self esteem issues as well, and feel that this has definitely improved my life... Also working out and feeling happier with the test of your body helps too.. Best of luck to you.

Hello! Thank you for sharing!! Sadly, my insurance thinks its cosmetic and refuses to help pay for any of it. Which is pretty lame because its a birth defect? But they can cover breast implants for cancer patients who had a mastectomy? :( Dont get me wrong, cancer is a horrible thing, but I dont see how thats fair lol. What do you use to make up the difference? Did you have to get, I'm sorry I dont know how to say it without sounding weird, but did they have to surgically move your nipple after you got your implant in? Did you opt out of that? Please share only what youre comfortable with. I absolutely love feedback, thank you so much! Have a wonderful day(: