My Long Story

When I was born I was diagnosed with Poland Syndrome. I was born with a concave chest and all of the muscles between my ribs missing on my left side. A few weeks after I was born my mum took me to the family doctor for a check-up he promptly told my mum “Don’t treat her like a normal kid she is deformed” even though I don’t remember that particular incidence its comments like that that make me angry. Throughout my life (particularly high school) I have had to deal with put downs about my shape and have on many occasions have come home crying.

Since I was young it has been very obvious that my breast formation is not normal. I have tried my best to stuff my bra and hide it throughout high school but I have a lot more issues than that. I often get sharp stabbing chest pains and I very easily get out of breath when it’s hot or I’m playing sport.

I avoid swimming like the plague. I refuse to swim in public places like pools, beaches, etc. because I don’t like wearing bathers that show off my chest. I don’t wear V-neck shirts or dresses and try my hardest to stop people from finding out.

I have recently been doing some research about Poland Syndrome and have found a few interesting things:
1. Poland syndrome affects males three times as often as females.
2. It affects the right side of the body twice as often as the left.
3. The incidence is estimated to range from one in 7,000 to one in 100,000 live births.
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My 10 year old daughter has PS. Hers is on her right side. She was fitted with a bra from the boutique that helps women who've had a breast removed due to cancer, and it fits her quite well. She doesn't like how it "feels." I understand that. She has seemed quite strong about it until a week ago. She cried and told he she would never be like her friends. It broke my heart. I worry about the "dating" years. Who to tell, who not to tell, when to tell, how to handle negative reactions. She is a beautiful brown eyed angel. A gifted piano and guitar player. A warm, loving hug from Mommy just doesn't feel like enough to give her sometimes. I'm very busty myself. I would give her both of mine if I could. Love my girl. :)

Thank you Kate. My baby granddaughter has just been diagnosed with Poland Syndrome and I found your comments very helpful, so that we have an idea how to help her live with the 'syndrome' as she grows. It is inspiring to read how you have lived with it. I knew she was special when she was born, and now I know that she is rare too, I hope that we can make her strong enough to be able to speak about it as you have. She too has it on the left hand side. She is a beautiful little girl, and very bright and doing well, right now. Thank you for your help.

i can relate to this so much !

i also get the chest pains from exercise, :l