I'm 18 and every time I look at myself in my bra & panty..I stare. I stare at my reflection and I'm happy with how I was born; bare left chest no pectorals/nipple/muscle just my ribs & heart.
I don't really know what to do or think.
I think about the surgery that could be done, to let me have 2 breasts instead of one. Like what would it feel like to have 2? What would happen then?
But at the same time I think about
What if I DONT get the surgery? What if I like the way I look, even though it means I don't get to wear sleeveless or one shoulder dresses w/o covering?

Did anyone find someone they love (husband / wife) that accepted their Poland Syndrome?
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Love this!!

I'm 17 and I have PS to, I know how you feel about the surgery and about looking in the mirror, my surgery was denied when I was 14 and we are reappealing again, however since I was fourteen I have had a few boyfriends who totally accepted my PS and so do all my friends and family

hey i also got it on my left side but just the muscle gone everything else ok, im a guy 19, i think im gonna get surgery soon, i think that u should get surgery but i hear that it still wont be perfect. i seem to get girls really easy and they ok with it.. but it still REALY bothers me. i think u just gotta get out there and someone u like will come to u that u like. text me if u want :)


Thank you for sharing. I admire your positive attitude and your different perspectives! If you are happy the way you are you should stay that way!!! I am going to encourage my daughter who is now 4 to do whatever she is happiest doing:) Her Grandpa's brother has ps and he is happily married to his wife:) He is a guy but you will find someone who truly loves you the way you are. If you decided to have the surgery they would support you too:) there are all kinds of people going through what you are and that is very encouraging. This website is awesome and I think can answer a lot of questions you have:)

Hi, I have ps too, but I do have breast tissue and a nipple. When I developed I was seriously uneven which made me super uncomfortable but I was at that age where I didn't understand why I was different. Now that I have had children and gained/lost weight I am much more even. Our cases are different but I don't think I would opt for surgery, no guy has ever had an issue with my differences even when they were much more obvious.
If you are happy with how you look then why change it? You may change your mind later and that is okay too.
Btw I love that you mention you are happy with the way you look, at your age even girls without ps or any other thing have a difficult time liking their self, I know it took me a long time to get there!