I am 40 have 3 children and a nurse. I had a lot of stress in my life 2013 and found a lump on my arm which was quite painfully, my dr just brushed it off. Then my hands became very painfully and as time progressed so did the pain and the red markings on my arms and hands, then the red marks started as a dots on my legs and grew. The pain was excruciating, a burning swelling pain which enable my mobility, I ended up in a wheel chair, sometimes my ankles felt like they where going to break when I walked, I couldn't use my hands e.g, to turn water taps, I was always excausted and I lost so much weight I was liturally skin and bone, I thought I was dying. :( After many test, 6 months later my specialist sent me to hospital and there was finally a diagnosis by biopsy. I now have been taking cyclophosphamide and pregnosone for 3 months. I now am able to walk for a little while, but tire easily. The pain is nowhere near as bad, the markings on my legs are still large and can look very nasty sometimes. I was a very fit and healthy person all my life and stress is my only answer for what has happened to me. I have read a lot of the posts and understand we are all different ages, sex and are affected differently. But there is one thing we all have in common, finding an answer, a cure to this horrible illness. I was wondering if anyone knows what is the best diet to ride of the inflammation.?
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How are you? I see this post is a year old, but we're about the same age and was recently diagnosed.

Hi. I have still got the signs and symptoms of the illness. I have had Drs baffled for 2 years. I'm hoping that the new infusion I have had, ( Rutuximab) will work. Everyone is different. I seem to have to be difficult. :) How r u? What have the Drs provided you as in medication? Thanks for the reply too.