Do You Love Your Kidneys?

At first, I didn’t.

They were a source of pain and some embarrassment.

They got in the way of my male “macho” self-image.

They were the points of my vulnerability.

I hated them, and always referred to them as “my damn kidneys.”

This was so for over 40 years.

Now, older (definitely) and wiser (maybe?) I realized that “hating” my kidneys was not the best relationship I could have had with them.

Over those 40 years, I lived!

Those “damned” kidneys were keeping me alive, doing their job under increasingly difficult circumstances!
They had no choice in being “built” with faulty genes!

It wasn’t fair for me to “hate” them!

It wasn’t even helpful. There is no advantage in “hating” a part of yourself!

On the contrary. It is helpful to nurture then to the best of your ability.

If there isn’t much that you can do for them physically (and you can maintain your medical and dietary protocols!), you can at least nurture them mentally.

You can mentally vision your kidneys, cysts and all, and develop a compassionate relationship with them. Yes, even mentally “talk” to them, letting them know that you know it’s not their fault they they are failing.

When you refer to them, consider saying, “my hurting kidneys,” or “my diseased kidneys.” This takes away any negativity you used to have toward your kidneys.

Now, you may think the above “mind game” is silly. You have every right to think that if you are having difficulty on your “PKD Odyssey.”

Yet, when I learned to do this as part of my NLP training, I felt a noticeable relief of internal stress whenever I thought about my disease, which was…often!!

The point is that in “loving” your diseased kidneys, you become more aligned, with less internal conflict which takes a toll on your energy.

Being aligned is a definite aid in accepting your situation and also increases your courage to move forward along your PKD Odyssey.

And that goes even more for a transplanted kidney!

Stay Aligned!

Peace and Blessings!

Coach Richie Perl

RichP48 RichP48
61-65, M
3 Responses May 14, 2012

Dear Sir /Madam,
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I enjoyed your story. I think of my kidneys as time bombs sometimes, because while I know that they will decline, for now they are keeping me relatively healthy and happy. I thought about them a lot when I was first diagnosed, but six years later I think of them a lot less often. I will probably think of them more when they no longer function!

thank you for your story. It will remind many PKD'ers to live a better life. We should love our kidneys for they work for us day and night. It is our kidneys that keep us alive.