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So as I have written before, I haven't had my period since January (a month after I went off the pill), not pregnant and no other symptoms, so I went to see my endocrinologist. She was unsure on how to proceed, so she advised me to have some blood tests done and take the results to a gynecologist, which I have done.
My testosterone and prolactin levels were absolutely normal though, so that was even more confusing. So the gynecologist gave me a trans-vaginal ultrasound... well, that was interesting to say the least! I've actually never had one before, just the classic ultrasound. Anyways, I have found out about a couple of things that I'm not sure what to make of. First, the doctor said my pretty small uterus, kind of small for my age and for how long I've been getting my period. Then, my right ovary, which has many micro cysts, is somewhat smaller than my left one. Do any of these mean anything? The doctor only said they were kind of small and she didn't look too pleased, but nothing more was added.
Anyways now I'm taking progesterone pills so I can get my period. I really don't want to skip any more months, because it's just an added stress. I'll hopefully get my period next week and the doctor said I could go on the pill again, at least for a while.
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I had a hard time getting pregnant with our first childand second I also had polycystic ovary

I also have spina bifda . the doctor put me on clomid and we have three children and 2
grand sons our youngest child is disabled. there is a 1yr and 12 days between our boys. keep the faith there is hope for you also.

ahh you are like my friend who is having this kind of menstrual period with irregularity but i guess some women have this kind of period....i assume you are still single right if you are then i guess later things will be different and then when your married alot of things will happen especially when you become pregnant...hhhmmm im sure you ask how do i know this,simple before i went overseas my favorite major choice is oby-gyne or we call it maternity nursing i was there 2 years and all that involved with it i learn untill such time i was advise by my colleagues to shift to other specialization thats the time i transferred to surgical and communicable diseases specialization so i know about your problem.<br />
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