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My mother was in hospital with clots the last two years of her life then ran out of oxygen doc would not see her and being stubborn she would not go to the emergency roo she died of massive angina heart attack but she could not get her breath and her heart had a clot.
   So starts my story  I was working with behavoral students and I went to a blood donation little and tested me no go ? Scared me I went to the blood center to get my blood out and then found out I had polycythemia and too much iron.  It was overwhelming but I learned all about it and knew mom had died from it anmd talked to my doctor and he said yes.    The doctor was more worried about my iron problemmore than polycythemia.   But, now after 11 years of getting my blood out  my iron has lessen and now the polcythemia is still high, so I do argue with my doctor and bring arcticles so to keep him up, he just smiles.   My arms and shoulder hurt alot until i get my blood out and if my iron is high I feel my arm could burst they are so tigh, my hand itch alalo and I use prescription cream.  I am tired alot and have sarcodosis and menier and thyroid to inter alittle. But I feel very lucky I am here and doing good-well some days  aster
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If you are in kentucky there is a dr. in elizabethtown that is a cancer and blood specialist my pv has leveled out now and i thought there wasn't any hope of ever to stop itching. he has been my dr. for about 3 years now. I am so glad i found him I was given presidone for itching as needed,it helped me hope you get the right kind of health