To Those With Pcv

Among those of us with PCV, it is a disease not widely known but whose
symptoms show when other blood tests are shown. A quiet type of illness
when others manifest in different ways, once we have it, it always stays.

While surrounded by family and friends we are aware of what we have
and more often than not we have what is common and of a different
league and that is most known to us as having constant fatigue...

Energy of the mind is often good and when putting forth the effort of the
physical kind, this PCV is not of the same comes to us at varying
stages in life and it's cause is not really known but in the midst of life it
seems it tends to put a cloud over our dreams.

Yet, with faith and courage we do fight on and with the pills and other
aids, we combat our ingrained ills. Hot showers are always a comfort to some
and to others a threat to our system as the effects of what we take and do
vary in so many ways.

Yes, PCV is something else but it can be coped with all that is hoped and with
faith and courage we do move along and it some ways make ourselves strong.

So, rest is sometimes the order of the day but it doesn't always have to be that way
as some are prone to say, but I say "nay" as rest is something we have to abide
in order to stem the tide and put off too much strife to get a better glimpse at
our quality of life...

Yet this disease is not widely known but with comments or stories of the folks
have shown, this can be dealt with for good or ill as the choices lie ahead but
we move on and yes, there are better days ahead...
driver67 driver67
66-70, M
1 Response Sep 10, 2012

Love your outlook! It (PV) makes you look at life a whole lot differently! :))