I haven't been diagnosed yet but my doctor is useless so I thought I'd look up my symptoms and blood test results and they seem to point towards PV. My haemoglobin levels were 27, I was told to get tested again in two weeks. This test gave a haemoglobin level of 33. My haematocrit is high too. I just got a letter saying come back in a month. Are they just hoping the levels will magically go back to normal or do I have to have a clot before they do anything. Ideally scared and would like to know what other people's levels were. Are these high or the usual level if you have PV. I feel like a walking time bomb but the doc's disinterest and lack of urgencymakes me think I have nothing wrong and it can't be serious. Could anyone tell me if they think I'm in immediate danger and should seek help quickly or just wait a month until the next blood results?
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My name is Timothy and I'm a patient at University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. I am 32 years old. I went into the ER 5 days ago with chest pains and ended up having a small blot clot in my right lung, which prompted the drs. to run my blood. They found my HGB at 21.4 and my HCT at 60.8. After much poking and prodding and ct scans, I was diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera. They have kept me in the hospital because of a high risk of blood clots. They have started blood-letting me every day to get my blood levels down. I don't know if you've been to an ER yet, but waiting for a month between doctor visits is VERY dangerous to your health. I would get to an ER and have them run your blood and see what they say. You may very well see yourself admitted, but this could save your life. Think about it: a blood clot in the lung is one thing, but a blood clot in your brain means 'stroke'. This is new to me too, and scary, but I'm much better off in a hospital with a team of doctors running tests 24 hours than I would be waiting at home for a letter or a doctor's appointment. This is YOUR health, not your doctor's.

Get a new doctor!!

That is really strange, they hospitalized me at just over 21 and started taking blood out each week. I think you should see a hemotologist