Polycythemia Vera

I have had this disorder for 3 years and I am on 400 mg of Hydra per day and am being monitored bi-weekly with CBC taken by my doctor.
Fatigue is one of the side effects I suffer.
I hope to hear from others with this same disorder
I may be contacted at Ed (504) 858-0666
I look forward to hearing from anyone who has this disorder. Thank you.
Fraiche Fraiche
70+, M
2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

hi I'm sorry to hear about your PV my dear friend and neighbor cheryl has been diagnosed last summer and has been undergoing phlebotomy treatments. The Dr. Is watching her carefully, she's 64 I'll keep you updated

Hi Ed. I was diagnosed with PV in June, 2012. I am 56 years old. My platelet count is around 600,000 so far, so my specialist has not recommended Hydoxyurea yet. His standard it to prescribe it when platelets are over 1,000,000 or in patients over age 60. For now I am on baby aspirin each day and have monthly CBC's to determine Hematocrit. I've only had one phlebotomy so far to lower the HCT. Like you I experience great fatigue, especially in the afternoons and evenings. I hope you have a good hematologist/oncologist with whom you are working. My first doctor misdiagnosed me with ET. It was only during a second opinion appointment that I was properly diagnosed. I wish you good health and good luck. Patricia