Ive Trained For 30 Years And Have Pmr

At 54 ive trained all my life,running and body building (no steroids ever) i eat properly and have never smoked also no drugs.I drink alcahol in moderation.Twelve months ago i thought i had a torn muscle in my groin and sought physio.After many sessions and hospital visits it all got worse.Hips glutes shoulders and neck all stiffening up.My training became stretching and cycling.I got old overnight.I typed into google ''stiff neck'' and found PMR.I couldnt believe the coincidences i was reading.Off to the Doctors and a blood test to reveal a few weeks later thats what i had.
I started on 6 Prednisalone a day and within a day it had gone.I was back to the gym and started to train again.I reduced down to 5 tablets after a week and then 4 after 3 weeks.All good until i dropped to 3 and it came back,i then upped to 4 and it went again.I stayed on 4 for 2 months then dropped to 3.5 without any problems.After 2 weeks i dropped back to 3 and it stayed away.I stayed on 3 for 6 weeks then dropped to 2.5 and eventually 2.
After 6 months now im struggling to drop below 2 as it returns.My training is almost back to the level it was 12 months ago although i feel i have lost condition.
Im due to see the Doctor in a month for a check.I believe i can drop it 1mg but at the moment i dont have the smaller doses.I have no side effects although i did put weight on at first which i have now reduced back to normal.
I believe the healing methods are stretching/cardio and gym workouts along with careful monitoring of the amount of medication.Careful with food as its easy to put the weight on but not so easy to get off.
Ive been lucky up to now as im fit but i think many would struggle to move on with PMR.
Good luck.

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Just an update guys.Im heading towards 3 years in May and im down to 6.5ml per day. My condition seems to be easing and im not far off dropping another 0.5ml. Im training really hard for 4 days a week plenty of stretching weight light and heavy and ive started interval training to build stamina and reduce body fat. I finally can see the end of the tunnel although it may still be a few years away.Im still using the stiffness scale to drop dosage but only 0.5 at a time now with months between alterations. Hope you guys are still fighting it. Cheers Dave.

I must point out in the very first post I made the tablets were 5ml each so I started on a 20ml. Hope this helps.Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Would be interested in talking about workouts. I did a sprint Tri in May, then hurt my knee in June planning tennis. I had the knee scoped in early July and came down with PMR 4 days after surgery. Shoulders have been very painful, currently on 27.5 mgs One of my passions is sea kayaking, my question is that when my shoulders feel pretty good is a hard paddling session going to re-enflame them? Cycling seems to help the legs even when stiff but I'm afraid of the shoulders. Do you NSAIDS in conjuction with the Pred? Even at 27.5 it's not like I am void of symptioms. Would appreciate some feedback on how to structure/gage workouts without backsliding in recovery. Thanks

Hi Jack,i dont believe that heavy training makes this condition any worse.The days i generally feel best are the days after my work outs.The days i feel stiffer are the days i dont train.To give you some idea of what im doing.Monday is a 7 km run on the tread mill at 8.5 km per hour.It takes approx 50minutes.Tuesday is a 3 km run but a faster run covering 3km in 20 minutes this is then followed by a full body work out using weights that takes approx 40 minutes with very little rest and all sets to failure.Wednesday is a 4km run at 8.5km per hour and a upper body work out with plenty of abdominal work.Thursday to Sunday are non work out days although if i can get a Friday in i will run again and light weights.Im stiff in the shoulder area of a morning but it has mostly cleared by the afternoon ready for training.I spent 6 months hardly training while i got my condition under control and i nearly lost my fitness im not about to let it happen again unless the PMR wont let me train.I believe the exercise is helping me get better.Im not sure what Nsaids are but i will google now.All i take extra is a vitamin C and a Vit D with calcium along with plenty of skimmed milk.Hope this helps.

Thanks for the quick reply, really helps. I guess I don\'t want to face the part about 6 mo to get the condition settled down. I\'ve been really bumed about reading how this usually lasts 1-2 yrs. I have never been sick or taken and meds. Health is wealth they say. NASAIDs is ibuprofin, tylanol etc. Did you chanvge diet to more of an anti-inflamatory type intake?

Jack,i dont take any Nsaids as they do not do anything for this condition the only thing that works is Prednislone.Im on 2 years this November and unless it suddenly burns out i cant see the end for a few more years at least.Ive not really changed diet although my son thinks the Western diet is the problem (im not so sure and there is no real proof).Take each day as it comes and try to improve your fitness if you can if not do what you can.

Hi steve,the problem i see with tapering down and i was guilty myself at one point is that everyone goes down too fast.If you use my stiffness scale and work off that its easy.Im now reducing in 0.5 at a time using a pill splitter.Im at 7.5mg which ive been on for 2 months in one months time im ready to drop another 0.5 down to 7mg.Ive spent 3 months on 7.5mg allowing my body to adjust which it has so only now can i think about a drop.The main conditions im aware of related to PMR are Oesteoporosis (i take calcium with vitamin D daily and drink plenty of skimmed milk to hold this back) and GCS (giant cell syndrome,read up on this).Im still training hard with 10 km runs and full body work outs along with stretching and cycling each week.A little wake up call today,i left my tablets at home by accident and i felt a bit tired and a bit stiffer than normal however 10 hours late im managed to get them.Good luck with your condition Steve,take the tablets if you need them and reduce very very slowly. Dave

Just an update if it helps anyone.Its 1 year plus since my last post.Im down to 8ml per day and PMA effects my daily life only a small amount.Im training hard with cardio now my main area although i do a full body weight workout 3 times a week as well.I believe using the muscles helps keep them healing not allowing them to stiffen up.Ive posted the below post on another thread so to save retyping i will just paste.

After 2 years of Prednislone im down to 8ml per day.The doctor who asked you to drop from 20ml to 10 ml does not understand Polymyalgae.I too was on 20ml to relieve stiffness which works i then dropped to 15 ml for one week.Then each day i mark myself on stiffness early morning 0-10.If its 0-1 for a week then i drop 1mg a week until i move up the stiffness scale to 2.It may take a month or longer to get back to 0-1 and as soon as it does i give it one week then drop another 1mg. When you drop the 1mg it sometimes takes my body a few days to adjust but i keep working on my stiffness scale.Eventually you will reach your maintenance dose (mine is high at 8ml,im considering dropping to 7ml over the next few days after months on 8ml).Everyone is different and you musnt drop the dose too quickly.You need to get a feel for your condition and only use the Doctors ideas as a guide.If you drop the dose and stiffness returns and wont clear move the dose back to were it was when you felt better.Im no Doctor but ive learnt how to control my condition and look forward to the day when it eventually burns out.
Hope this helps someone. Dave

I am wondering how you are doing now. I was told not to exercise and that it is the connective tissue that is inflamed.

Hi Faye,ive replied in my post. Regards Dave

I developed pmr last summer and almost imed. went on prednisone since my son had it several years ago when it was called "unknown virus" because he, like me, did not test positive on the Sed Rate test. He told me to get prednisone imed, and I did which helped imed. One great help was the prescribing doctor told me to stay off all sugar to avoid increased appetite, weight gain, and moon face. I haven't felt really good since, but I went off the prednisone a couple of months ago which might have been too soon but there is great concern since I have osteroporosis. I stay on a good exercise program and physical therapy but am always tired out and require a great deal of sleep with a nap every day. I am not used to inactivity

I am encouraged by your experiences, especially tapering off.<br />
Thank you