Prednisone Doesn't Help Me.

I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia about 4 months ago. Couldn't even get of bed on my own. Tried Prednisone with no results even had a couple of shots but nothing. Went for many blood tests and even went to a haematologist in case I had Leukemia, which it wasn't. My rheumatologist thn game a shot of Depo Medrol which was fantastic and kept me completely out of pain for about 6 weeks, but now it's back. Does anyone else have a similar story about pain? A little better on steroids but not pain free? So many people have said they take steroids and are basically cured - sadly that's not my story.
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So much similar,!!!! Prednisalone only gave relief once increased to 50mg then side effects were extreme! huge face & neck, plus stupid over the top hyper activerty-.reduction of mg's were & are keeping me in as much pain as at beginning<br />
Like you I have had every test under the sun---- bone scans , ultrasounds , CT scans.<br />
Can't believe this pain & am looking for an answer.<br />
No one has ever heard of it! (thats until one has it)<br />
Pain! extreme! One does not ever want to be a winger (boring to all)<br />
Endone gives me no relief (an opiate) osteo panadole which is I think 680mg paracetamol whichI take 6 a day of also have no pain relief I continue to take them just in case it would be worse without.<br />
Hope to discuss & talk to U further

Hi Tofto,
So sorry to hear you are not doing well. I'll bring you up to date on what finally appears to be helping me.
About 6 to 8 weeks ago my doctor gave me 2 shots (I believe 60mg) of Depot Medrol which gave me immense relief about 3 to 4 days after they were given. However after about 6 weeks, the shot started to wear off and I was back to the beginning. She also suggested I take 2 Hydroychlorlquine (usually given for Malaria) along with the Prednizone which is being slowly tapered. I then went back to see her on Friday and she has now decided to treat me as if I have Rheumatoid Arthritis although I have the symptoms of Polymyalgia. So she gave me another couple of shots of Depo Medrol and has also put me on Methotrexate. The Depo Medrol worked quite quickly but it may take longer for the tabs to start working.
Hope this helps and speak up - or find a new rheumatalogist! Good luck :)

has any one ever tried the"magic Brownies" just asking. I have heard they can relieve pain and I am all for anything that works.