Waiting For Relief (at Long Last)

My Myalgia started in early Spring last year, it seems to stop you in your tracks, aching arms, legs. lower back pain, but worst of all I couldn't get in or out of the bath, and stiffness, and I can quite see why people might feel depressed, it really is a miserable illness. But thankfully there is medication in the form of Prednisolone, and that started to make a difference, but a year on, and still I cant get away from some pain. I have been told by my doctor that no two patients present the same symptoms and also an absolute cure may take 2years or more.

If anyone has any suggestions as to alternative forms of medication that they find works, I would be most grateful, and can I also add I now have one leg, which is now quite red and swollen, especially the foot and ankle. While my other leg is almost normal, with hardly any swelling.

As well as my having Poly Myalgia, my husband Alan, was diagnosed with Mesothelioma around the same time last Spring, sadly he lost his fight in May this year, so now I look back on our last year together, wishing I could have helped him more, but I was finding walking very painful, next to my husband my health problems were surmountable, and he was so brave, I couldn't complain.

Sheila Ives.
jolisamik jolisamik
Sep 5, 2012