Is Life Over?

Sorry but I am having a really bad day today as the pain is so bad and noboby understands what we put up with. I try very hard to think positive and cope but today is not working. I have relapsed this week and contacted the norosickness bug which has made my muscles extra sore so hence the feeling sorry for myself. Please can someone out there understand. Libby.
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Hello, Libby. I have had PMR for two years. For a complicated series of medical reasons, I have had to stop taking my pred. Of course, the pain is back, but it is so much worse than when I was first diagnosed. It is extraordinarily severe. At times I feel like someone is pulling my arms out of their sockets. Other times, it's my knees with the pain coming in waves. So I have a lot of those "bad days" now. To control the pain, the doctor gave me Vicodin. So when I'm not crying from the pain, I'm sleeping. Sometimes I'll sleep most of a day away, but anything is better than that pain. I have migraine too so when I say I'm hurting, my family understands how bad it can be for me. PMR really does mess your mind up. I get depressed from it, which it kinda funny for me because I'm bi-polar and take a bunch of anti-depressants already. Libby, connecting with your fellow sufferers is the best thing that we can do to get that black cloud to lift. Hang on and take care.

Great to be able to read all your experiences and certainly didn't think I would be interested in joining a group like this in my life especially early 60's. Diagnosed with PMR two years ago found prednisone my savior at 60 mg. per day. Am down to 2 mg. but it isn't enough. I'm very concerned about long term use.

Hi frosties123,
I am so sorry that you are having a bad time...I'm with you! I feel sad and sorry for myself most ot the time. I don't know my body anymore. If ever you just want to chat, I'm here....

Dear Frosties123 - I am trying to get the word out about a natural product that my husband now uses to get almost complete relief from PR. It's a natural product with enzymes that I found myself on the internet after he had to stop taking Prednisone. It started working by the third day and he uses 5-6 capsules a day ever since. The name of the product is Heal N Soothe, and it's advertised as useful for back pain but I found it highly effective for PR. Doctors would never recommend this type of product because it's all natural. My husband and I went to see 4 different doctors here in Manhattan before they could even diagnose him correctly, and then they immediately put him on steroids, which have their own side effects. This product is sold on the internet. I think you could find relief from this horrible sickness if my husband did. He is about 95% free of any muscular discomfort now. Good luck. Website is:

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Yes Frosties123, I know it is rough and you want to last out at someone or something. I have tried meditation; it doesn't make the pain go away, but it helps my depression. I am 85,a writer(when the brain allows me to) and I have had PMR for several years, it leaves for awhile then comes back with a vengance. It is ok to feel sorry for yourself. Sometime I just lay down and wallow in it, I wrap that pity all around me , then I get up and go on about whatever I am able to do. Right now I am in lots of pain with my knees, so it it really hard to walk more than a few steps. Last night I tried to usher at our little theater, but I had to leave during intermission. Lots of luck, and hang in there, I have found it best if I can get comfortable somewhere, read a book, watch TV and take deep breaths. It is Christmas, so as Tiny Tim said, "God Bless Us All." I would like to find someone in my area code 77706 that has this blasted disease, anyone out there?

I'm not in your area code, I live in Manhattan, but I'm trying to get the word out about treating PR with a product called Heal N Soothe which is all natural and contains enzymes. My husband has found relief with this product and has been very active over the past 3 months after I ordered it for him. He is off the Prednisone which the doctors gave him and has very few complaints now. Why not see if it may work for you - I know what a dreadful problem this is.