Aussie Support Groups

Are there any support groups in Australia (Adelaide, South Australia, in particular) for this debilitating illness, please?
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

Try a product named Heal N Soothe that contains natural enzymes. My husband's PR almost completely disappeared. He was on Prednisone and had tried many pain killers that did not help as much as the Heal N Soothe. You can find this product on the internet. He uses 5-6 pills a day and feels great. Good Luck!

Thank you, "Concernedaboutpr". I shall investigate Heal N Soothe further, however, my GP will need to gradually reduce my present medication (50mg daily of Prednisolone), which I feel is "overkill". I would prefer something that is more natural and appreciate your advice.

Yes, reducing the Prednisone was also my husband's first step because of side effects, he had to stop completely. Two days after he stopped I gave him the Heal N Soothe, not expecting much, because he had tried so many painkillers before without any effect. So when he stopped complaining about his muscular aches I knew I had discovered something the doctors don't know about - he had been to the best in New York. I think it is possible that people who have PR are possibly missing enzymes in their system and this product is replenishing them. If it worked for my husband, I think it can work for others. I found it on the website: Take care.