Polymyositis - Yes You Can Be Cured!

If you read on any website or in medical books that there is “no cure” for polymyositis, just don’t believe it, as a full and lasting recovery is possible.

I was diagnosed with polymyositis in 1981, at age 26, further to muscle weakness and pain, blood tests, a biopsy and an EMG. Among other things, I had great difficulty to elevate my arms and walk at that time. I was treated with prednisone 80 mg daily for about a month as the CPK was at 22,660, LDH at 2,340, SGPT/ALAT at 480 and SGOT/ASAT at 440. The dose was reduced gradually over approximately seven years through intensive monitoring. Since that time, the enzymes have returned to normal and I have never had any muscle weakness or pain, neither any relapse. I am healthy and I have been leading a normal life for the past twenty-two years. And I am telling you, MIND OVER MATTER really works!!! It did work for me... and it can work for you!
Nelligan Nelligan 51-55 15 Responses Oct 20, 2010

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Hi Neligan, I have been dealing with poly for about 7 years.
Please help me to cure

Wow. This is so encouraging. I only started feeling ill 2months ago. It has been a shock. I must think positively.

I Have polymyositis for past 5 years, please help me to cure

I have POLYMYOSITIS for past 8 years please help me to cure

Wow. I'm amazed. I really believed there was no cure. My mom used to take that same med everyday an a concoction of others, sadly she passed away. Makes me realise they were not monitoring her like she needed. Wish I was older at the time I would have demanded they see her. I'm so happy you are well because it's awful.

I needed to hear this. Thank you!!

Have you taken any other type of medications besides prednisose or changed your eating habits? i was diagnosed with polymyositis last November 2012. My muscle enzymes was then 5000 it gone down to 300 but it shot back to 800. I feel a lot stronger and can now climb stairs and get up off a low chair. I am taking 10mg of prednisone every other day and now my neurologist and rheumotologist wants me to take methorexate. I have heard so much about the sign effects. I really having second thoughts about not taking this and see how the out come goes.
I Have written to you few months ago.....
But i would like to know are you taking anything like vitamins or herbs of some kind to prevent future flare up? I go to my rheumotologist in a few days....

I was diagnosed in July 2012. Was on prednisone until last month. My doctor tapered my dose in may 2012 hoping to get me off all medications, but my symptoms returned as I was tapering and after one day off prednisone I went right back on. My doctor started me on a low dose of methotrexate with 10 mg of prednisone until he felt like I could taper again. It worked and for the past month I\'ve only been on methotrexate. I\'ve slightly increases my dose with the intention of reducing in a few months. I will most likely be on it for one full year before we attempt to taper me off. I still have some swelling and arthritis in my hands (only 32) and hope the methotrexate helps. I\'ve also eliminated most processed foods, processed meats, switched to organics, and eat salmon weekly.

Wow I dreamed od my ck being 300 it's never been that low the lowest it got was 2000 please share or tell me what u did I can't climb stairs or get up from sitting position

Thank you for sharing. Your story have inspired me. I was diagnosis with polymyositis last November 2012. My cpk was 5000. I am on prednsone 10mg every
other day. I have aches and muscle pains
Along with stiffness. I am hoping to come off it and try not to go on any other meds. Are you on any medication???

who was your doctor? i have been suffering for nearly a year, and the only time i was good was on high dose of predisoje, but my rumertologist wants me to reduce and the symtoms are returning, my CK is high again andthe fatigue is hard to deal with

I am so happy for you. I was diagnos few months ago with polymyositis.

wish m polymoysitis can be cure.... I want to live happily with my family as others do...

dear nelligan it was told that it was no cure.thanks to hearing your story i have hope.

I have been diagnosed with polymyositis for about 5 months i am not able to walk dwn the stair get up from a seat or raise my arms .how long does it take before your muscle level come's down to normal i am 31 with three kids

I too tried predisone, and it didn't help me, but I gained an large amount of weight, and my bones thinned for which I now have to have treatment. For me the worst symptom of PM is the debilating fatigue.

I'm happy you are doing so great, I was treated with prednisone it did nothing for me, Mind over matter is great but does'nt always work if that were so we would all be cured of all things. I believe in God and i believe we all go through things in life including illness but it has made me stronger in mind and in trying to help others who need help getting through this. I'm happy you are doing great.