I Have Pooped My Pants For Many Years.

I can remember pants pooping experiences since I was about six years old for which i was berated. Until i was 13 i did it in my pants about twice or three times a year, sometimes in embarrassing circumstances when I had a diarrhea attack totally filling them at the breakfast table. I told my mother, who was furious with me 'I think I have done something in my pants' She led me to the bathroom with my shorts full of poop to clean me up. The next day it happened again. I was in disgrace.

By the time I was 14 I had total bowel control but by 16 I was giving myself a laxative and i got a thrill out of doing it in my pants even when my mother found my dirty underwear and told me off which gave me an ******.

I have enjoyed pooping my pants ever since and my wife who now has Alzheimers and wets herself was always understanding about this.
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my god yes!! We are a couple that loves doing that we would love to chat with you some time

When I was seven I remember pooing my pants at a family wedding. We had all being waiting around for photos and I really needed the toilet but had to hold on. Eventually I was allowed to go and by then I could feel the poo starting to come out of my bum. I held it as best I could but ended up pooing in my pants. I hasd to scape off the poo into the toilet, but had to wear my soiled briefs for the rest of the day as I had no change of clothes

Nice story. I've had similar experiences.

Oh My... You have a longer history than me, but that is ok too. It would also appear that you are soooo much bolder than me. Perhaps, in chat, I can increase my boldness... or is that, abandon...?<br />
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