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But so glad to find some other people with similar stories. I have portal vein thrombosis, splenic vein thrombosis, and superior mesenteric vein thrombosis. I had never heard of these terms until 6 weeks ago.

I was experiencing severe abdominal pain, with vomiting. It got so bad that I went to the emergency at my local hospital (in Canada). On that first visit, I had 2 tests taken which indicated gall stones and striation ulcers. They cleaned out my system and sent me home. I was back again 4 days later, again with the severe abdominal pain, with possibility of removing my gall bladder. However, upon examination, the abdominal specialist said that my spleen was enlarged, and perhaps it needed to be removed. He ordered a CT scan which included injecting a dye into my blood system. The CT scan determined that I had blood clots in the portal, splenic, and superior mesenteric vein, and that the blood flow to my intestines/bowels was cut off. I was put on Heparin (intravenous blood thinner to prevent further clotting) and waited to see if the blood would "recanalize" so that blood flow to the intestines/bowel would be restored. Luckily for me this happened, and I did not require any surgery at all. This second visit to the hospital lasted 3 weeks.

Now I am on coumadin (warfarin) or rat poison as I tell me friends. I am being told I will be on it for the rest of my life. I have been trying to find information on the causes of this condition, but as many have already said, there is very little information out there and the condition is fairly rare.

I am now awaiting a series of follow-up tests to see if a cause for this can be determined.

Take care
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I am finding that unknown etiology is 50% of all PVT cases....NO known cause. Thats whats so hard for us, isn't it? I also clotted all those veins you did! I live on lovenox for life b/c I clotted again while on coumadin but that is only b/c I could never get theraputic range on it. I pray that you are COMPLETELY healed forever and that this was a valley in your life to never be entered again!!!

Any news on your condition?