Non Occlusive Pvts

I'm a 44 year old female who went to the ER last week with abdominal pain and rectal bleeding. After CT and US was done they discovered that I have colitis and 3 small non-occluding blood clots. One in each portal vein and one in the inferior mesenteric vein. No problems with the blood flow. They have send off all the blood tests for various clotting disorders and I was sent home on an anticoagulant for now. Thr former posts appear to have been about occluding PVT, does anyone have expience with non occlosive PVT? And what was the treatment and outcome. I'm very nervous about being on anticoagulants.
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I had 2 non occlusive clots in the right and left branch of the portal vein in 2009. Like you my symptoms were severe abdominal pain and rectal bleeding. My primary Dr. was unavailable, but I saw a different Dr. at my clinic and she sent me to the hospital for a CT. When the radiologist called the Dr. with the CT report either he did not mention the PV clots or my Dr. didn't see any importance to them. All I was told is that I had some type of colitis and needed to have a colonoscopy. A week later when having the colonoscopy the GI Dr. asked if I had been called about the PVT. I said no and didn't have a clue about what he had just said. As soon as I could I got a copy of the CT report and sure enough it stated 2 non occulsive PVT. Why 2 Dr's didn'd see the importance in this diagnosis is beyond me! Was it because they were non occulsive and blood could still flow thru the vein, I'll never know. I have had a history of previous attacks just like this one and I think I should have been either hospitalized or treated with blood thinners right then and there. I'm still so mad about the poor care I initially received. <br />
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To make a long story short I have seen a hemotologist and had a couple series of thrombophilla tests and all have showed no cause for the clots. I have never taken a blood thinner but the original 2 clots have disolved. <br />
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If I have another clotting event the hemotologist said I will be on blood thinners for life. This is scarey stuff! Best wishes to you.