Some People Are Meant To Cross Your Path And Others Happen There By Taking A Wrong Turn.

The summer 1980, was a time to have fun. I circled with several girls that I considered to be my best friends. This summer none of us are of age to drive, so walking was our only choice if we planned on having a great time at the pool. We all lived within a few miles of each So, the destination of choice was easy since it falls in the middle of all our homes. Michelle's apartment contains her brother and Mom who works full time. So everyday it's laying by the pool in our bikinis and laughing like 15 year old girls do. Now, around this time of course we had all began to experiment with smoking weed. A Black man called "O" was the one to get it from. Well, as I noticed. "O" started walking by the pool and talking to my friend Michelle. She said he was cool. Well...Myself, Melinda and Karen were not so cool with it. (I don't like invasion of private time with friends) If we needed weed she could have gotten it on her own. But "O" smiled talked briefly and comment on how pretty I was and I just said thank you. His presence over the next few days was annoying to say the least. We can't talk about girlie things, we have to talk about how nice someones *** is or how big my boobs are or the smooth skin. So, I finally get up and get in the pool. I'm done hearing his annoying sexual hints. Guess who gets in the pool too? Yes, just me and "O" the man who has stated several times how he love big chested blonde's. Now my laughs are not real. They're filled with fakeness and it show through. I'm about to get out when he grabs me around my waist and slams me into the water and pulls me back up. He's having fun trying to play a "hold Laura under the water game" and I'm feeling very uneasy and fear is slowly setting in. This goes on a couple of more times and each time both hands are on my breast in order to grab. As he has a hold on me under the water, he slips his hand down my bikini bottoms. I'm trying to get away and cant. I'm trying to get above water to breath. I can't. he grabs me and decides to slam me the other way and cops his feels in the same fashion. But the air I retrieve this time was not enough to keep me under water for very long. He fondled my breast and down my bottoms as I was fighting for my life to breath. His head the whole time is above water. Finally Melinda got up and told him to let me up. She had to say it several times but finally he did. His comment to me while I was choking was I'm sorry....I didn't't know you didn't't get enough air. I was just playing. I wanted to leave at this point and we did. I waited a few days to go back and hoped we did't see him again. Although, I saw him talking to his blond wife who was waiting on the bus to pick her up. He was around 30ish with wife and kids and he did't work.
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Calling the cops never even crossed my mind at that age. Odd.

Why didn't you call the cops?<br />
<br />
All people enter your life for a reason. There is always a lesson that comes from everyone... it's up to you to find it and apply it to your life.