I have P T S D, have probably had it all my life, but it was really bad after my relationship with my ex (verbal abuse  for  5 years.

i  am alot better than i was before tho.

Only sucky thing is the medication relieves most of the symptoms but causes weight gain.

I find councelling good way to vent your feelings especially in my case as i still have the ex harrassing and abusing me 5 years on!!!

But wot he h8"s isn that "doormat"' me is not there any more she got strong and fight's back!!!

So i may be a bitt bigger (which i h8) but im alot stronger!!

My heart go's out to all people who have any form of mental illness, i know how u feel!!

From Feflower in NZ

Feflower Feflower
36-40, F
Jun 30, 2007