When I Was 15 Years Old

My Dad met Mark(he was our Nobouir). He was friend of the family's. We knew each other for 7 to 8 years i think. He was nice and kind. I used to play with his kids.  When we moved, Mark was over at our house with his 2 boys and i think Mark or the boys suggest to spend the might. My dad was going to say no, but i said something to change his mind i can't remember what i said. i spent the night. I woke up in the morring and went to the other bathroom cause the boys bathroom wasn't working. i came out of the bathroom and was walking past mark's and Denise's(his girlfriend at the time) room. Denise wasn't home she was at work and Brandon and Sean was still sleeping. Mark told me to come here and i did. He was sitting on their bed in his robe and he told me to come closer and i did he starting kissing me and told me to take of my clothes and i don't then at this time i thought we were just having sex. after we were done i got my clothes back on and i can't remember what happened next. All together this happened about 7 to 8 times. I kept going back to mark and i still don't know why. Now i have flashbacks trouble sleeping etc cause of this. I've been in counseling since Sept. of 04. me and my counselor have been working on this. Just be careful of who you trust. I have trust issues and other things because of this. It's now fun to have. I wish it never happened to me. I lost my 1st love cause of this. Me and Ty(1st love) we would argue all the time and i started it. at that time i didn't know why, but last year i figure out it was because of the rape/sexually abuse.
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I have been sexually assaulted too. It is a hard thing to try and move on from.